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One of the best parts of meeting new people is that you get to know all their tips about great spots in this glorious city. For you who have followed us a while, this is the reason we started the People of Melbourne series, to be able to share local’s tips to the great spots in their neighbourhood. Oh well, this article isn’t about People of Melbourne, although this place was introduced to me by one upcoming person in just that feature series.

On Barkly street, in an unassuming looking house, this beautiful cafe lies. There’s a few tables on the sidewalk, but that didn’t really prepare me for the gorgeous space that lies before you when you step inside.


It’s got a fairly typical Melbourne vibe (which is probably my favourite kind of vibe) where it’s cool looking, yet homely. Perfectly balanced essentially. There’s plenty space to sit, and somehow you feel you get a little bit of privacy, even though the cafe is fairly big.


For all you coffee nerds out there (I still don’t drink coffee, although at times like this I wish I did) they take theirs seriously. No really, I mean seriously. In the back you can peek into their own coffee roastery. Yes, they have their own. According to my company, who is a coffee drinker and a Brunswick local, it is good. Like real good.

Me? I had my standard chai latte. It comes served very cutely (see below) and was indeed quite delicious. Creamy and with just the right amount of sweetness to it.


Whenever a place pays attention to really tiny details, that makes my foodie-heart leap a little. Regardless if it’s decoration, or menu or, you know, having your own coffee roastery, it shows that whoever’s behind this cafe really cares. At Wide Open Road these tiny little figures placed in the potted planters all around the space had that effect on me. Different kinds super tiny people doing different activities. I hear there is one with a ping pong table. I might go for a little search for that one next time.


Because yes, of course there’ll be a next time. This is the kind of place I literally could move in to. My only issue with it is that’s it too far away from my home. Do you think I can talk them into setting up shop south of the Yarra? Or maybe it’s time for me to move…


Wide Open Road
274 Barkly St,  Brunswick East VIC 3057
(03) 9387 6079

Opening Hours
Mon – Sat / 7am – 5pm
Sun / 8am – 5pm
Kitchen closes at 4pm

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