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I have little to no knowledge about whisky. I drink it sometimes when I fancy a *hold your breath whisky lovers* Scotch’n Dry.
But when you have friends who truly have a passion for fine whisky and you run a website like Klaus and Fritz, you are keen to check out a bar like Whisky & Alement nonetheless.


The first time I went there we couldn’t get further in than the door entrance. The place was packed to the brim. All the people seemed nice and relaxed though and the place itself looked very interesting, so we’ve postponed our visit and came back 3 weeks later on a Friday night after work.

This time, we even got seats at the bar, which I love because you can oversee what’s on offer and how the bar staff are preparing the drinks. I love watching them and it gives you a sense about the character of the venue. And let me tell you, character it has!

Just by watching them you can tell that the staff at Whisky & Alement are super enthusiastic about the whiskey they’re serving, and they are going to be able to answer just about any question you throw at them.  Their passion for great drinks at a fair price extends to the wine and beer menu too.

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My friends and some of the bar staff recommended a whisky based cocktail to me and for a place specialised in traditional whisky they’ve put a lot of love and effort into making it, which was very impressive. I believe they sell whisky by the bottle too! There also appeared to be an interesting range of different bottled craft beers but I was too absorbed by the Whisky and Whisky list to notice….

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Whisky & Alement is the official Victorian partner of the Scotch Malt Whisky Society, one of only 2 venues in Australia to offer their exclusive single cask, cask strength whiskies to both members and non-members on pour.

They also offer whisky classes, events and private tastings catering to both the whisky novice (that would be me) and advanced whisky drinkers who’d like to learn more.

An experience worth having over and over again, it will take years to get through their menu. But you know what, since my visit their I want to know more about whisky. So I’d say: challenge accepted!


Whisky & Alement
270 Russell Street Melbourne 3000
T: 03 9654 1284

Facebook | Twitter | Website | Instagram

Tuesday – Thursday 5pm – 1am
Friday 4pm – 3am
Saturday 7pm – 1am



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