Weekly Mix Tape with music genius Taryn Sunshine Walton


Today is a very special day for Klaus and Fritz as we are introducing Taryn – our new music genius – to you.

Taryn has been working at JOY 94.9 as part of the music team for the past 4 years. She has interviewed HEAPS of artists and her knowledge about music, festivals and current gigs is unbelievable. With her ear to the musical ground in Melbourne she’s the one to go to when you want to discover new bands, new music and to get the full rundowm on festivals in Australia.

I tell you this girl lives and breathes music and we totally excited to have her on board for our weekly mixtape.


 MUSIC.. Music for me is life.
And when I was asked to help out with the Weekly Mix Tape on Klaus & Fritz I thought “YES! I can spread the word about hot Australian music and get people listening to more music, seeing more live gigs, buying more music!” I have never known anything to effect you like music can, it can change your attitude in a single beat.. I’m sure you’ve been in some kind of mood – maybe not so chipper and then the first note of your favorite song comes on and BAM instant smile..
So each week we are going to come together here and celebrate those instant smile tracks, those tunes that can just turn your day around.. Ready? Alright – let’s do this!

First track for me at the moment is from Melbourne MC Remi… (careful – language warning!)

This one to me IS Melbourne.. Filled with fantastic Melbourne references and paired with the video clip – it’s like you are his mate and you and he are just kickin’ it around town.. Watch this and tell me you weren’t tapping your toe.


This week sees the release of the debut album from my FAVE Melbourne band – World’s End Press – To Send Our Love.

These boys have been putting in the hard yards over the last couple of years and FINALLY have released this long awaited album.
This single –  was out in May this year but I love it. It’s fabulous deep sound (I feel a little naughty listening to it) and it’s nice and long. You know when you start getting into a song and it finishes after 2min30sec? Well sit back and enjoy all 6min and 53sec of it. Ooooh yeaahhhh!


Now this one is a little bit left of field as he is not a Melbourne act but the clip for this track was filmed in Melbourne…
I find Spleen so fascinating, he has worked with some amazing artists (Bat for Lashes, Devendra Barnhart, Antony – from Antony and the Johnsons – just to name a few but seems to have slipped under the radar in Oz for now.

This latest album he is working on is all voice and Feel Sorry is the first taste of what’s to come… Really cool stuff.


Live gig of the week

Nothing would be better than seeing Brighter Later at the Northcote Social Club.

Their music just whispers to me “easy Sunday listening..” It is beckoning me with a gentle wave – “come and enjoy these sweet, sweet tunes…” So this is my recommendation – go, check out Brighter Later, the girls from Melbourne will woo you. Help celebrate their debut album “The Woods“.

So get out there! Enjoy live music as it is being put on for you to enjoy… And don’t forget to tell me about it – spread the word on bands you have seen, are going to see or want to see.. I’d hate to miss out!



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