Weekly Mix Tape – The Saucy Soul Filled Edition


WAHOO!  It’s time for another Mix Tape on Klaus and Fritz.
I hope in the last week you got down to Pure Pop in St Kilda and supported the venue and saw some great live music whilst you were there. If not there – anywhere!

Now I hadn’t planned for this to be a saucy soul filled edition but .. I can’t help it.. There is something about the weather getting warmer – people showing more skin..  Means the start of new exiting summer tunes! So I am going to lace this mix with new soul and funk tunes that will really get you going..

And it doesn’t get much naughtier than Prince.
Yup, the man formally just a symbol is back with a brand new song… and it’s better than good. I have loved Prince since I was barely old enough to know that what he was singing about was not meant for my young innocent ears – and his latest single is no exception to the suggestive wonder that is a Prince song.
Check out his latest “Breakfast Can Wait”  (Can wait? Can wait for what? Ooooh I get it…  Cheeky!)

I was SO happy to hear that Sharon Jones (of Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings fame) was back making music after a recent health scare. Having to cancel her last tour due to bile duct cancer – she is back and this is the awesomely funky first single from Sharon and the Crew. “Retreat!”

The next single is from The Internet (the band, not the global system of computer networks :).
The Internet consists of two of the members of Odd Future, Syd the Kid (DJ/singer/producer) and Matt Martians (producer/illustrator) and together they make sweet sweet funk music. This single is of their sophomore album (released just last month) to not the best of reviews but you can decide for yourself. Enjoy this taste “Dontcha”

My last track for the mix tape today comes in time for the latest announcement for the Bluesfest 2014 lineup.
Bluesfest ALWAYS brings the best in blues and folk to Australia and 2014 is shaping up to be no different.

For the 25th anniversary of the event we have already seen the likes of John Mayer, Erykah Badu, Doobie Brothers, Morcheeba, Michael Franti & Spearhead and Suzanne Vega just to name a handful..  And there are still so many more to come. Yesterday they just announced Elvis Costello and the Impostors, Kasey Chambers and this guy, a sexy beach crooner who hangs with the like of Donovan Frankenreiter and Kelly Slater – Jack Johnson.
Here is his latest single “I got you..”

If Jack doesn’t get you in the mood for summer – I don’t know what will..  Check out the full line up (so far) here

That’s it guys – remember get out there and check out some live music, enjoy, laugh and love – it’s good for the soul!

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