First Mix-Tape in 2014



I feel terrible I have been away from you for so long – so I thought I would start with the salutations then move on. But when I say move on – this mix tape is a flash back.

Over the Australia Day weekend we celebrated what I consider ‘Music Christmas’. The Triple J Hottest 100. Surrounding yourself with friends of varying musical tastes, BBQ’s and beer – there is always something in the countdown for everyone. So I thought I would look back at the year that was with some of the biggest Aussie hits to make the Hot 100 for 2013.

#1 Vance Joy – Rip Tide:

WAHOOOOO! I was so excited to hear this came in at number one. I had a feeling Lorde, Royals was going to take the top spot, and as much as I love that song, I hate an obvious winner. To many Vance Joy may have seemed obvious but not to me. I was hoping my Vance Joy choice ‘Play With Fire’ (which I shared with you already in an earlier mix tape) would get higher but was SO happy (along with most of the people in the pub I was in, all letting out an all mighty YEAH when this track started) that Vance Joy ‘Riptide’ was 2013’s number one… This man has only so far released an EP. Can you just IMAGINE what is coming? YAY!

#9 The Preatures – Is This How You Feel?

Another kick butt artist that has made an impression with their first EP, these guys blew me away… Another amazing live act – these guys from Sydney have definitely left us wanting more with their debut album due out this year. They first caught our attention with Take A Card but it was their follow up release that really made a mark on the listeners.

#19 The Kite String Tangle – Given The Chance

Danny Harley, from Brisbane seemed to hit us late and hard with the track Given The Chance. As fast it as it was on the air, did people start to sit up and take notice. He won a spot to open at Falls in Byron Bay for 2013 – showing his talent has been notice by all. He is currently touring around at the moment – make sure you check him out. A beautiful song…

#22 Birds of Tokyo – Lanterns

Wow… I saw these guys support Muse late last year and I have to say they are the first support band in a long time that I have seen get a reception as crazy and eager as the headliner. And when this song was played – one person turned the torch on their phone, then another, then another… Until I would say well over half the crowd was swaying with their phone as a beacon in tribute to this song. Gone are the days of the lighter – I am all for this use of a phone at a gig. Beautiful stuff.

#32 Thundamentals – Smiles Don’t Lie

Smiles Don’t Lie was the 1st singe these guys released from their 3rd album and wow did it leave me hanging for more. The first single off an album I feel always has a lot of pressure – it’s the follow up to a previous album that more than likely had accolades, but more so this first single sets the tone for the rest of the album yet to come. And Thundamentals didn’t disappoint. This was MY favorite Australian song for 2013.

I don’t know about you but all of these songs pulled at heartstrings for me.
Maybe it’s just what is going on in my life at the moment but there is a strong emotion or feeling behind each of these tracks (though The Preatures just made me dance wildly around the room) – I love where Australian artists go and what the voting public of the Hottest 100 appreciate.

Australian music is kicking goals and ass at the moment – and I am SO excited what is coming in 2014. Make sure you get all up in the face of Australian music. It and you will appreciate it.

Until next week…

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