Weekly Mix Tape #14 – The Christmas Tapes


OK – don’t be scared – this isn’t a mix tape of all your favourite crooners doing their best Joy To The World (though tempted to throw a bit of Michael Buble in the mix just for good measure), this is a Christmas Party Mix Tape!

Yup – Christmas parties, whether they be with friends or work colleagues, are probably happening every night for you at the moment. Everyone wants to catch up and share the Christmas cheer with you and hopefully there is a bit of Secret Santa action as well. You know what I am going to suggest for Secret Santa don’t you? A CD! Gig Tickets! Make someone your own mix tape! You really can’t go wrong with good tunes.

In the meantime, we might need to spice up your Christmas party playlist and here’s where I step in. I want to get everyone moving with this mix tape – I mean that’s what parties are all about.

Tiga vs Audion

The latest release from Tiga vs AudionLet’s Go Dancing (see my awesome segue there) is a great start. This track has been making waves throughout Europe during their summer and now it’s our turn. Off Tiga’s upcoming album and I can see this being an anthem of mine for the festive season.

Hot Since 82

This next one I was lucky enough to check out live at Stereosonic a couple of weeks ago and it was mad! Hot Since 82, DJ and producer from the UK, has just released his debut album, Little Black Book, which is full of great originals and a couple of kick ass remixes of Green Velvet and Rudimental. Even though Hot Since 82 states his music genre as Christian Rap on Facebook – I can guarantee you it is anything but. Loving this single, Shadows.

Ben Pearce

So it seems I have a thing for Brits at the moment with my next single from Manchester boy Ben Pearce. Oh my, this song is just the best thing since I learnt how to rewind my cassettes with a pencil. This 24-year-old has his head screwed on right with his own label (which houses 10 up and coming artists at this point in time), allowing him to produce music he really wants to. And in this day and age, that ain’t easy. What I Might Do is off Ben’s debut EP and if this is a taste of what’s to come and I am hungry for more. (oh wow – did I just say that..?)


I really feel like I have to bring it home, but this is definitely not forced for me because I have just been waiting for an excuse to put this on a mix tape. Melbourne’s very own Sunshine has been mixing it around town for around 14 years, so if you’ve been out in Melbourne, you would have seen, danced or bumped into her at some point. She just had a set at Stereosonic as well and you could tell she was playing to a home crowd, they loved her. Check out this awesome track, Heartbreaker.

Crazy P

Finally this is a bit of a New Years party list track but I had to sneak it in. Crazy P are coming back to Australia for New Years! YIPEE! These lads from Nottingham in the UK have been making music since the 90’s and definitely know how to have and share a good time. The boys love Australia and we love them. I couldn’t go past this classic of theirs, especially with the very trippy Willy Wonka clip (that movie always freaked me out) Here they are, Crazy P and There’s a Better Place.

Whoa! Hopefully I have got you moving and grooving (c’mon – I know you were totally chair dancing to these) to my maybe not so festive but oh so awesome jams. Be good over this festive season – tell those close to you that you love them, and if you go to a gig, tell the artist you love them too. It makes them all warm and fuzzy.

Until next week…

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