Weekly Mix Tape #13 – The Road Trip Edition


Ahhhhh the summer road trip… Driving for miles and miles, wind in your hair, friend or loved one by your side. For those that have done road trips properly – you know that the perfect road trip is not about the destination, it’s about the journey.

And for me, the key element to the perfect road trip is the mix tape. The soundtrack for your journey can take the trip to a different level – essentially making or breaking what could be the trip of a lifetime.

I once travelled from Montreal to Vancouver by rail with only The Best of Simon and Garfunkel on cassette to keep me company. I threw the tape in the nearest bin with no hesitation once I arrived in Vancouver and now, I can never enjoy being with Julio down by the schoolyard or easily manoeuvre across troubled waters, EVER!

Recently, on a similar note – I travelled with my friend from London to Cardiff with the radio as our only friend. On the return journey we decided enough was enough with the constant flicking of stations trying to find something half decent, so we stopped into a service station and purchased 101 Hits of the 80’s and 90’s.  Oh yeeeaahhh…


So I want to help with couple of songs that will make that road trip just that little better – this is going to be a super sweet mixed bag with something in here for everyone.

OK let’s kick it off with a rapper from the States, Busta Rhymes. His latest single, Thank You, has a star-studded cast – Q-Tip, Lil Wayne and the man who is the shock omission from next years Grammy’s (mostly to himself) – Kanye West. The song itself is super catchy and having these four, each with their own unique style and voice, laying down the vocals, I just can’t get enough.


Something else I just can’t get enough of at the moment is the honey-dripped vocal of Hannah Reid from London Grammar. Now a London Grammar song would have been just a little laid back for my road trip mix tape so when we can add these guys with my other favourites right now, Disclosure – we have a winner. Help Me Lose My Mind is a definite, windows open, play it loud number.


This next track is a definite steering wheel tapping number. Max Frost from Austin, Texas has just released his debut EP, Highs and Lows and White Lies is the first release from it. Not going to blab on about Max but I will say I am super keen to see what’s going to be next.


Our nations capital is where we will finish our journey today and the latest release from The Aston Shuffle, Tear It Down. I love the way this starts slow then builds to slap you round the ears. This is the second single from their forthcoming album (which we are not sure exactly when is coming) but until then, pencil in your diary to check these guys out on the 22 February at the Northcote Social. (Wahoo – locking in gigs for 2014 has BEGUN!)


Flashback tracks that just need a mention (and should be included on ANY self-respecting road trip mix tape). For classic additions to your mix tape – harmonies are a key element – take note:

Cyndi Lauper – I Drove All Night


Wilson Phillips – Hold On


Len – Steal My Sunshine


Tina Turner – Proud Mary


That’s if for another week – may your summer road trips be filled with cheesy 80’s ballads, boy bands of the 90’s and huge dance numbers from today. Feel free to add your suggestions!

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