Weekly Mix Tape #12


We are a week closer to Christmas and for a lucky few of us, a week closer to the Christmas and New Years break our work is allowing us to have.
We are starting to feel tired and a bit over it all but the light at the end of the tunnel isn’t far. WAHOO! Silly season – you can smell it. So close. Music will sooth the beast until it’s time to really kick back and relax.

And here are a handful of new (and newish) tracks to start getting you through.

Glass Animals – Psylla

With their self-titled debut album not due out 2014, we have to be content with just experiencing a little bit at a time.
But with the tastes Glass Animals from the UK, have given us already – I am excited for the full album. They have released a single since this one (Woozy feat Jean Deaux) – but I still have this one on repeat and I just want to make sure you haven’t missed this one. Psylla has a sexy, steamy vibe – I think I am in love.

Wet – Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl

I love new music and this single from Wet is no different. (Ha!)
Ok, I may be behind the times sometimes but I haven’t talked about this one yet so just humour me.
Wet released their debut EP in October and this is the second single they have released. The first single ‘Dreams’ is simply stunning (but don’t expect to be able to Google it without getting a lot of R-rated hits before you stumble across the actual track.)
Here is the follow up, which is definitely more upbeat and still quite dreamy. Yum.

Ryan Hemsworth – Perfectly

Speaking of dreamy – this man has been described as the ‘remix Ryan Gosling’.
I am not 100% sure why but I like to imagine it is because Hemsworth is as smooth and sexy with music as Gosling is with movies. Now again this is a very not so new single but I like it and wanted to share it and believed that it fit in this weeks mix tape just fine. NB. This young producer from Canada is not to be mistaken for a brother of the very spunky Liam and Chris Hemsworth.

Broken Bells – Holding on for Life

OK – so definitely keeping that dreamy feel going with my song choices today and the new single from Broken Bells is definitely no different.
From their upcoming album, After The Disco (due out early next year), this single channels Barry Gibb vocals and you can very much imagine kicking back to something like this after you have just been to a disco… in the 70’s.
I am imagining a Studio 54 type after party. Danger Mouse has done it again – finger crossed the rest of the album continues with this chilled Saturday Night Fever-ish vibe and throws us some nice up beat ones too. I’m not asking too much am I?

Bob Dylan – How Does It Feel

OK this last one is completely left of field but is the most kick-ass video clip I have ever seen. The digital agency Interlude have taken on this task of creating this official video clip for the 1965 classic – giving you 16 various television channels lip-syncing to Bob Dylan’s ‘Like A Rolling Stone’. I can’t tell you anymore – you just need to see for yourself. I have watched is about 20 times and each time it is different. Awesome!

That’s it music lovers!
Festival season is well upon us with Stereosonic hitting Melbourne this weekend.
I promise to make next weeks more up beat to get you bouncing through to the end of 2013. Make sure you get out, enjoy the sun, your friends, your family and of course some sweet sweet live music.

Till next week, Taryn!

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