Weekly Mix Tape #10



This weeks Mix Tape is a tasty homegrown bunch again (and a NZ artist thrown in – as we all know, Australians are well known for claiming successful New Zealanders as their own).

This tape is super exciting as there is some new music from bands we haven’t heard for awhile, some great new tracks and collaborations and some great new clips to go with new tracks. Let’s get into it:


Spiderbait are BACK!!
Straight Through The Sun… And my word are they back.
First album in 9 years and it feels good… Well it feels good for me – I can only imagine how awesome it must feel for them. Get ready for some old school Australian rock right here… if you like the first single off the album (and on the album actually) it was release last week – so get on it!

Bliss n Eso

The Australian Hip Hop scene overflowing with talent at the moment, with the whole world wanting a piece.
A sign of this was earlier in the year, our very own Seth Sentry appearing on Jimmy Kimmel, touted as the first Australian MC to appear on an American talk show.
My hip hop heart is with Bliss n Eso, with their album released this year ‘Circus in the Sky’, being my favorite album of 2013. They have just been announced to be performing at the ARIA’s in December and main stage for Big Day Out in 2014. Check out this awesome video to their track ‘My Life’ – it shouts for you to get out there and live YOUR life… Do it!

Flume and Chet Faker

When two of Australia’s biggest artists teamed up last year for the single ‘Left Alone’, we were all left hoping it wouldn’t be the last time.
Flume and Chet Faker have come back together again to release not one, not two but three tracks to make up the Lockjaw EP – due out November 26. Wahoo! Here is the first single off the EP, ‘Drop The Game’ and it is super sweet…

Electric Wire Hustle

My gig of the week is at the very funky Section 8 in the CBD and is part of Melbourne Music Week.
The reason to get to this gig is to check out Electric Wire Hustle – our brothers from across the Tasman, who produce some sweet chilled beats and are just awesome live.
Check out their latest single here, Numbers and Steel, shut your eyes and just imagine hearing this live… Promise you will be transported to another level.
Remember: Section 8 – 21st November and did I mention it’s FREE!

Cold Chisel

I want to finish with a classic today.
Forming in the early 70’s, Cold Chisel are the ultimate Australian rock band. Ask any Australian (over 30) and they will have a favorite Cold Chisel song that they love to play loud in their car or sing after quite a few beers at the local pub.
They have just started their own record label (seems well over due) and the first release will be The Live Tapes – Vol 1 – Live at the Hordern in Sydney, released on 22 November.
Big plans are in the works for these guys for 2014 – so get ready to rock – old school style.

This song is one of my favorites – I do love the clip, not sure why though… Guess it reminds me of some of the places I have lived in..


That is it for me – as always, get amongst it, see some bands, support local and live music. There is SO much on at the moment – you are spoilt for choice. Until next week.


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