Underground Cinema: The 40s Edition


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Ever heard of Underground Cinema? Neither had we 6 months ago when we posted about the last event. If you don’t know here’s the 60 second breakdown: It’s an experience, taking cinema out of the cinema, so to speak. They share the theme, tell you what to wear and when to rock up. Once you’re there it’s like walking on to a film set. Everywhere you’ll have loads of actors and live performances to reenact or recreate parts of the film you’re about to see. It’s more than just watching a movie, it’s about experiencing it. There’s music, performers, hot food and drinks, essentially anything and everything you’ll need to not just get a movie, but get inside it.

The last event had the theme ‘Rome’, and ended up showing the movie Life of Brian. Sure, we all might like the movie, but that pre-event is really the main thing. Imagine the feeling of going into that area outside ACCA, with everyone in togas, walking between tents, a camel and salesmen trying to sell beards. In a back room there was a secret meeting, and somewhere in between a palace. These events are nothing short than magical.

This time the theme is ‘La Guerre’. It’s the 1940s, probably somewhere in France (there’s the random header in french). Movie-goers are asked to wear their 1940s best and bring something to trade. We’re already planning our stunning wartime outfits.

Tickets are released today at 1pm sharp and you’d better be quick – they tend to sell out within the first couple of days. So pick a date, tell a friend, get a couple of tickets and start getting excited about one of the absolute movie highlights of the year!

Underground Cinema
Thursday July 10 / 7pm
Friday July 11 / 7pm
Saturday July 12 / 7pm
Sunday July 13 / 4pm
Undisclosed location
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