Underground Cinema: Epidemic 2.0



Underground Cinema how we love thee! Well, to be honest, this time I might be a bit more hesitant because I know the theme of the night. A zombie epidemic is about to hit Melbourne and for some reason my biggest fear in life happens to be just that. So, I might not be going, which makes me a little bit sad, but I’m still excited for the rest of y’all! 

If you don’t know about Underground Cinema the concept is to create a live experience of a movie, along with watching that said movie. This year we’ve attended both their Melbourne events. The first one, Life of Brian, brought a little bit of Jerusalem to the area outside of ACCA, with tents, a camel, a secret meeting, the palace and plenty actors playing roles. Oh, and there’s food and drinks. It’s like stepping into the film set, only there’s no cameras and everybody’s invited. Second one turned out to be Casablanca, and they had pulled in half an airplane into the hangar where the movie was showing. An airplane! The awesomeness of that will never stop baffling me.

Normally you have no idea what movie you’re about to see. It’s all secret and you only get a hint or a theme to base your costume off. This time, it’s different. A few weeks ago the team behind Underground Cinema asked their followers to vote on the theme of the next event: vampires or zombies. You all already know which one won (and if you didn’t, go back to the top again!).

The event itself will take place in the end of November (in Melbourne the 4th – 7th of December), but tickets are on sale starting today at 1pm! Hurry over there though, as they usually sell out quite fast. Be prepared for shrieks, panic and a whole lotta zombies!

UndergroundCinema-Rome-36 UndergroundCinema-Rome-65

Underground Cinema: Epidemic 2.0
Thursday December 4th
Friday December 5th
Saturday December 6th
Sunday December 7th
Undisclosed location in Melbourne
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