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Tyranny of Distance is the kind of place I’ve passed a million times, always though ‘ooh, that certainly looks interesting, I’ll go there next time’ and then kind of forgot about it. And no, it’s not Tyranny’s fault I forgot about them, it’s my awful memory. All my friends can attest to it, as I at least once during every conversation get a phased look and have no idea what they’re talking about, even though we might have discussed that same subject ten minutes ago.

But this is no post about my memory. This is about Tyranny of Distance. I grabbed a couple of friends and headed there for some Sunday brunch (the best time of the week to eat out, if I have a say so). I was a bit worried that the cafes plastic walls wouldn’t be enough to stave off the chilly air outside. I shouldn’t have been. The heating was on the air was decently warm.


Enough about the heating already! Let’s talk menu and drinks. This is such a place where you’re going over the menu several times around. Even as a vegetarian I had a wee bit of an issue picking something. While pondering the menu we sipped on some latte (delicious) and a chai latte (in a tea-cup! Cute. Tasty.) until we’ve made up our minds.


Me, I got myself a smashed avo topped with arugula, marinated feta and pepitas on grilled gluten-free bread, with a poached egg and grilled roma tomatoes on the side. Phiew. Try saying all that in one sentence. Luckily you only have to read it. The bread was grilled and soft, that lucky nice combo, with a zesty topping and hearty sides. All in all the perfect start to a gray Sunday morning.


My company both went for the spanish omelette. It has a soft middle filled with smoked cheese, and the batter is blended with baby spinach, roasted capsicum, roma tomatoes and some mild chorizo. Well, that is if you’re a carnivore. It works just as fine without the chorizo. its look at it. The omelette was slightly on the dry side, but filled ‘em up well. Also, that amount of food (massive!) for that price ($15) is a steal.


The vibe of ToD is casual and cool. For me it epitomises Windsor, the Fitzroy of the south, with its gritty outlook and young, quirky and hipster clientele. And that’s no bad thing, not if you ask me. After all, I have a secret (ok, not so very secret) dream about living in the inner north at some point. Preferably soon. Tyranny of Distance gives me a wee bit of a Fitzroy fix without even so much as get on a tram.

I’ll definitely have this place in mind for brekkie again, but my next visit will surely be later in the day. I’m thinking happy hour with cheap drinks and tasty nibbles. Will we see you there?

Tyranny-of-Distance-Interior Tyranny-of-Distance-13

Tyranny of Distance
147 Union St, Windsor VIC 3181
(03) 9525 1005

Opening Hours
Mon – Fri / 8am – 11pm
Sat – Sun / 9am – 11pm

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