I can openly admit I am a bit of a newbie when it comes to Clifton Hill (yes if you’re technical you’d say this place is in Fitzroy North. We’re not at all technical so just get over it). For some reason I have overlooked this leafy, cute suburb. Bot worry not – I have a plan to remedy that. First part of the plan was heading to two:bob for breakfast one early, sunny, Saturday morning.

This cafe hasn’t found any old building for their location, oh no. This place actually used to be a bank, although there’s no longer any valuables behind the old bank vault door. We hear it’s a pantry now. But having a pantry in an old bank vault, seriously, can it get better than that? We think not!


You might think of old banks as scruffy and old-looking, but it’s quite the opposite. The interiors are light and cheery and the big windows let in massive amounts of sunshine. And even though most places in Melbourne score quite well on the interior design scale, this one manages to stand out. Sure, it doesn’t hurt that it has a Scandinavian feel to it and me being Swedish, but you know what? I think everyone will love this place, even though they weren’t born and raised in the north.


As a vegetarian I rarely find menus exciting, simply because I can only eat just so much of it. I was positively surprised by the menu here as it offered plenty options for me, as well as for my meat-loving company. It took us a good ten minutes to decide all while we sipped on our chai latte (oh, yum!) and latte (good too, or so he said).

TwoBob-2 TwoBob-ChaiLatte-Latte

And about the food? Geez, I don’t know where to start. It was good. No, it was more than good, it was amazing. My poached eggs on mushrooms and kale on a piece of sourdough was made to perfection. I chewed it down and could think of nothing to make that dish better. It was chewy and savoury and soft and damn! It was just that good alright? And with a bulls-eye on the first try, I can’t wait to go back and eat my way through the entire menu.

TwoBob-5 TwoBob-6

On days like these, have a seat outdoor and soak up some sunshine, drink a cuppa, relax and order something to eat. Like seriously, you have to eat something. You can’t go here and not do it, not with the outstanding food that kitchen produces.


We’ll for certain be coming back to two:bob again and again. I’m a little bit afraid that two:bob hit it too well out of the ball park for me to want to explore Clifton Hill further. I mean really, why go anywhere else when you’ve found your new favourite?


270 Queens Parade, Fitzroy North
03 9482 5444

Opening Hours
Tue – Sun / 7am – 4pm

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