Torch Cafe in Richmond



I know some 3121ers who describe this as the best brekkie spot in Richmond. I can’t tell if that’s true as Richmond is not our usual stomping ground but since our first visit to Torch earlier this year, the cafe at Swan St, slowly became one of our regular hang outs on a Saturday morning with a latte and the newspaper.



We’ve always been greeted with a warm “Hello” and the people at Torch Cafe are authentically groovy and kind and make you feel welcome and at home.


Torch is the ultimate in neighbourhood cafe. It features an open counter area layout in the front, tiny wooden tables and funky yellow stools, concrete floor, groovy wall art and last but not least the sweet treats they have display in the window which are tempting beyond belief.


It’s all cosy and relaxed even though the service is sometimes a bit chaotic, but in a charming way. During summer they open up the backyard – a tiny little oasis afar from all the city buzz.




At very decent prices, the menu is incredible and has some surprising classics and new inventions, such as the South African baked eggs, called Shakshuka (see picture above).

We hate recommending Torch Cafe to you as we want it to be our little secret but this Richmond based cafe thoroughly deserves your money.

Torch Cafe
178 Swan St
Richmond, VIC, 3121

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