Top 5 What To Do In Melbourne When It’s Hot


Even though we Melburnians have complained all year round about Melbourne’s “lack” of summer, the minute the temperature gauge rises, all we want to do is get out of the heat and head for the cool (especially if your flat has no AC). So what’s on offer in the city, that doesn’t involve +37C  degrees?

We have put together a list with some ideas to cool down in the heat of the summer.

Shopping Center

It’s the obvious choice I know, but it’s also a very effective heat escape.
While strolling through the malls and probably finding some bargains, you can sit down in the food court, sip on your milkshake. If dairy is not your thing then maybe you want to relax with a nice massage as most shopping malls have several massage places on offer nowadays.
And if you still don’t want to go home to your scorching hot apartment, you could also opt to go to the movies as most shopping centers are connected to a cinema.
My shopping centre of choice is Chadstone. It simply has everything you need even though I still get lost and I have trouble finding my way back to my car again. Pro tip: Parking is free at all times.
More information on the website

Ice Skating


Yes I know, I was a little surprised to find out about The Ice House in the Docklands myself, but why shouldn’t we have a home for all things ice skating in the southern hemisphere.
Pro tip for all youngsters and all people who are still young at heart: On the weekends you can skate to cool tunes at the Ice Disco til midnight.
If you feel like it’s time so swap the ice underneath your feet for some ice in a cool drink, the St Moritz bar is the perfect place to relax with friends after having fun on the ice. With great views of both rinks, you can sit back with a drink and watch the ice skating spectacle unfold below you.Entry to the Ice House (including skates and helmets/wrist guards) is $25 per adult, $21 for children 6-14 and $12 for 3-5 year olds. There are also packages for birthday parties and group events. With a constant temperature of around 16 Celsius, this is definitely the place to escape the heat.
More information on the website.

Melbourne Museum


Located in Carlton Gardens, opposite the historic Royal Exhibition Building, the Melbourne Museum houses a permanent collection in eight galleries, including one just for children.
Highlights include a complete skeleton of a blue whale (which is totally cool!!!), the Bunjilaka Aboriginal Cultural Centre, a living rainforest, the racehorse Phar Lap and an IMAX theatre on site. Major international exhibitions are presented in the Touring Hall.
As you see you can spend hours if not even days in there without feeling the hot temperatures.
More information on the website.

The Melbourne Aquarium


The walk-through tunnel at the Melbourne Aquarium, on the banks of the Yarra gives you the sense of being submerged deep in the cool, cool ocean, and surrounded by rays, sharks, eels, fish and all sorts, though – thankfully – without the thrill of providing a supper option for them.
It’s fun for the entire family and a great way to escape the heat.
To find out more about what’s to expect there, watch our video we’ve made when we’ve visited the Aquarium.

The Ice Bar

Chill out ice bar

Tucked away inside the Southbank complex is another unexpected cool delight – the Chill On Ice Lounge. Carved entirely from ice, going inside this bar requires you to wear ski jackets, gloves and woollen boots (all supplied) to stop the frostbite, as its ambient temperature is a chilly -10C.
The entire bar, all the furniture, decor and even the glasses are carved from ice which makes it all look very surreal but stunning.
There is timed entry, which needs to be pre-booked via the website and starts from $30 per session
More information on the website

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