Top 5 Views of Melbourne


Whenever I encounter a great view, I always stop, gaze and somehow feel part of something bigger, something more profound. Don’t worry, I won’t go all religious-y on you (hey, I’m not even religious!) but there’s just something that gets me in those moments. I don’t mind any kind of view, somehow everything is pretty when viewed from above, but as I come from an incredibly flat city, the outline of Melbourne’s CBD viewed from afar really speaks to me.

Therefore, during my time in Melbourne I had a tendency to try to go to high up places for some city gazing amazeness. Today I’m sharing my top 5 places when I want a good view. Not only though, I’d say all of these places have something else to offer as well.


5. Ponyfish Island

How can you get a view from the middle of the city, where you’re pretty much at sea level? If you’re wondering you clearly haven’t been to Ponyfish Island. This little bar is tucked away underneath a bridge crossing the Yarra and gives you the most amazing vista over Melbourne. Instead of looking down, you’ll be looking up, but hey – that works too!

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4. Point Ormond Lookout

On the next Sunday when the weather is amazing, this is where I’ll be heading off to. In addition to the pretty skyline view, there are BBQs, grassy areas and a huge playground for kids. There’s also a bike path along the beach (beautiful + safe = the best combination out there for a person like me who’s a tad scared of biking in traffic). I’m thinking a picnic basket packed full of goodness and some friends to go with it. Can it get any better than that, really? Oh, please let it be weekend soon!

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3. Naked in the Sky

There’s splendid views of Melbourne from the north suburbs as well. Head on over to Naked in the Sky on Fitzroy’s Brunswick Street for some casual cool views. This open rooftop bar has 180 degrees of views. So if you’re fed up with overseeing the CBD, just head on over to the other side and look north. It’s the perfect place for spending a lazy weekend afternoon watching the sun set while sipping a white wine. Want to know more about this place? Check out what we wrote on our last visit there.

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2. Arthur’s Seat / Dromana

Sure, this is quite a drive from Melbourne, and sure, you might only be able to spot Melbourne on a day with good, clear weather. I don’t care. Being able to see Sorrento and the open sea on one end and the mirage of Melbourne on the other is just incredible. And it’s so worth it to take the trip here, even without a view. Take a look at the article we posted about it last week.

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1. The Lui Bar

I know I might be predictable, but the combination of sky + bar is simply ingenious. This posh place has a lot on its on merit, I mean look at those fancy cocktails we got on our visit. Despite tastyness of the drinks and the fancyness of the food, what will really catch your eye is the glittering night-time view over Melbourne. It’s like someone sprinkled the city with glowing jewels. Best part of it; as the bar itself is not too big and kind of cosy, it feels like you have the view all to yourself.

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