Top 5 Things To Do When Bitten By The Travel Bug



It is not only Monday, which is bad enough in itself. It’s also been a grey and rainy day so far which is even worse, thinking of the fact that one half of Klaus and Fritz (Sandra) just came back from a mini vacation on the Gold Coast, with sunny 25-32 degrees and lots of sunshine.

As long as Melbourne is still a bit on the colder side we want to invite you to indulge in some travel planning and preparation to shake off that rainy blues and forego with your travel plans.

Here are our Top 5 when preparing for your next vacation:

1. Travel in Queensland

You just want to pack your bag, grab your passport and explore a new country. But where to go? There is so much to see, so much to do – too many choices. You don’t have to go far or jump a plane to go overseas. Why not start in Queensland, where the weather is almost always beautiful.


2. Online Inspiration

You need further inspiration about warm-weather inspiring fashion, places, design, surf, travel, photography from across the globe and within Australia? No problem, cause this is where Laura of The Island Life comes in. Her website is an online destination for everyone who loves summer in all it’s ways and aspects.



3. Travel planning

Decision made, flights and accommodation booked and ready to go? The only thing you need is Flying – an app we are currently obsessed with.

In an attempt to bring a the flair of nostalgia back to the act of air travel. some very smart people created Flying, an iPhone app that tracks flights, offers insights into travel patterns.The app handles core services, like flights, delays, gate changes, and cancellations. Social elements are also built into the experience, meaning it’s easy to share details with a friend, say, who’s waiting for you at the arrivals gate.


4. Berlin is not so far apart from Melbourne as you might think

Well, maybe your budget is just a bit short at the moment or you are pretty happy with the Melbourne weather as it is (are you really?) and you just don’t want to travel. Fair enough, but how about indulging in a bit of “foreign charm” while you are out in town? Bar Berlin, with its West and East sector, only accessible by crossing Checkpoint Charly, might just be the perfect distraction for you.


5. A bit of Mexican flair

Another way to learn a bit more about foreign cultures is to take part in events. You only need to decide where to go. We’ve made this decision easier for you and recommend you go to Lucha Libre and cheer for some of the world most famous mexican wrestlers.


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