Top 5 Things to do in Melbourne


Whether you are new to the city, in Melbourne only for a weekend or you want to discover your hometown on a different level we have come up with our list of Top 5 things to do in Melbourne!  Enjoy

Melbourne’s Laneway Bars and Cafes


Melbourne is all about the tiny little treasures tucked away in its hidden laneways.
No visit to Melbourne and no night out in the CBD should be completed without a refresher (or two, or three) at one of the city’s hidden bars. Period.
If you are new to the city or if you have lived under a rock for the past couple of years and you don’t know where to go to, who to ask and where to start, we might suggest Bar Americano, Cabinet Bar & Balcony and Berlin Bar, for a start. If you wanna get more serious about it head over to Section 8, The Croft Institute, Sister Bella, Butterfly Club, Murmur, … and no we are not providing you with a hyperlink to these bars, as it will be our pleasure to take you on a hidden laneway tour… for a drink or two. Just drop us a note.

Hot air ballooning in Melbourne


It’s probably one of the most memorable things you can do in Melbourne and I’ll promise you it is an experience you’ll never forget!
Set your alarm for a pre-sunrise wake up call to soar high above the sleeping city as the sun comes up. Then land an hour later for a champagne breakfast at the Hilton at the Park and a memory card full of amazing photos and a smile on your face that won’t leave for days.
To find the beast deals, google for “Hot air ballooning Melbourne” and compare prices.

Bike ride along the bay

Bike-ride-along-the-bay-melbourne cycling-along-Melbourne-Bay

Hop on a bike and ride along the bay. Soak in the views and breathe the fresh air
Depending on your fitness level and ambition you can basically ride along Port Phillip Bay from Port Melbourne down to Portsea / Sorrento.
If you are less sporty (and I include myself in this category) you are probably better off with a far shorter ride of about 23 km. Take the train down to Mordialloc for example and make your way back to the city on your bike. Most of the time you are riding safely on separate bike lanes what makes it a very family friendly activity.
Make sure to stop at Point Ormond Lookout to take some amazing pictures of Melbourne’s skyline

St Kilda


Ahhh, the obvious recommendation you might think. You couldn’t be more wrong.
I live in St Kilda, in fact I have never lived anywhere else but St Kilda, since I moved to Melbourne. And let me tell you one thing: Yes, Acland St is cute to look at and if you are craving some delicous cakes, then head over to Monarch Cakes (my personal favorite of all the Acland cake shops), pay a visit to Luna Park and its rides and make your way to St Kilda Pier for some amazing photo opportunities.

But… the best thing you can do on a warm spring/summer night is to bring friends and food and have a BBQ right down by the beach. The BBQ station is newly created and located right next to the (also new) skate park and the beach. I would also recommend to bring a blanket and some wine and cheese and lounge down by the beach for a romantic night, but it is officially an alcohol free zone… (just sayin’). And as you see in one of the images above, yes, it is possible to BBQ a lasagna.

Southgate / Southbank / South Wharf


In my opinion a totally underrated area.
Ever since South Wharf has been developed and Southgate didn’t want to stick with the label of a boring old sister and Southbank came up with Ponyfish Island it is worth spending some time down at the Yarra.
Start at Princess Bridge at Southgate and take your camera for some great photo opportunities along the river to the Southgate Footbridge, Polly Woodside and down to the Web Bridge and the Docklands Marina. And as you are already in the area why don’t you make your way up to the Eureka Tower.
A long day does not only leave you hungry but also craving for some refreshing beverages. Our recommendation for a perfect ending to your day down by the Yarra: a visit to BangPop.

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