Top 5 Things to do in Melbourne this Spring

spring 2014

Spring has sprung! Actually, not with a bang we were hoping for but we’ve had crazy amounts of sunshine lately, right? We all know the days of pure sunshine and beautiful warm weather will be back sooner than later. So you’d better get prepared ahead of time on what to do this spring.

These are our 5 favourite places to go or things to do in Melbourne to take in spring.

5. Suburb Tourism

This is exactly what it sounds like. The thing about living in Melbourne is that you kind of get stuck in your own suburb. So have we to some extent and therefore promised ourselves to venture outside of our comfort zone and explore new areas of Melbourne, like when I (Sandra) visited Yarraville. And I so prefer doing this when it’s sunny and warm as compared to cold and damp, don’t you?

coffee shop yarra ville 3

4. Spring back into shape (yes, pun intended)

If you hadn’t had time to get into a running routine yet, to sort out that hot beach body you were talking about for your NY resolutions, then this is for you.
There are plenty of upcoming running events to train for that should keep you motivated to continue with your training. Here are our “Top 5 Upcoming Events for Runners this Spring / Summer” and to give you no excuse to bail on that mission, here are our “Top 5 Running Tracks in Melbourne“.


3. Day Trips!

There’s a world outside of Melbourne. There, I said it. Day trips outside of Melbourne is probably the best way to spend a Sunday. Or a Saturday evening. Last Saturday we left Melbourne (I know! Even on a Saturday night!) and headed to Bendigo. And believe it or not – it was a pretty amazing night. Partly because of the incredibly spring blooms we encountered outside the Bendigo Art Gallery. We’ll share more day trip and weekend trip recommendations in the weeks to come.


2. Parks

Spring is the time when we can start enjoying picnics again! I assume that you’ll just pick the park next to you, that’s what we do. Sometimes if it’s especially good weather and we have a bit of extra time we do make the extra effort and make our way to the Botanical Gardens. If you go there – stay on the lookout for hungry swans. I have been followed by them more than once…


1. All of Melbourne’s Rooftop Bars

We love ourselves a good rooftop bar. You’ll find us enjoying the widespread view of Naked in the Sky, sipping fancy cocktails at the Lui Bar, or taking in the cool ambience at the Curtin House Rooftop Bar. As long as it has good views, some sunshine and stuff to drink – we’re game.


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