Top 5 Summer Drinks


Slowly, very slowly, you can feel that Summer is coming to Melbourne.
The longer we wait for it, the more excited we get about it. The next few days are a reminder of how Melbourne can turn on its charm even more, with sunny days and warmer nights.

We’ve been out and about to find the “Top 5 Summer Drinks” for 2014. As you can image, it wasn’t an easy task and Stina decided after our search was done, it was time for her to start SoberTober (No alcohol from mid October until mid November – the word derives from Sober + October).

So here are our recommendations for the Top 5 Summer Drinks in 2014:

Shaun Roberts –  Cabinet Bar & Balcony


Probably the best looking drink we have ever seen and perfectly “designed” for cute Instagram shots.
Fruity, refreshing and served in a cute Mason jar, the drink is called Shaun Roberts – Pimms, sloe gin, ginger and fresh fruit.
If you want to try it, head over to The Cabinet Bar & Balcony, one of our favorite after shopping / after work spots.

Pear Cider – Napoleone & Co

Punt Road Pear Cider

Cider is usually not one of our favorite drinks. Neither of us has witnessed the other, ever order a cider… EVER.
But when we went to The Taste of Melbourne and met Peter from Napoleone & Co, he convinced us to give their cider a try.
What we were about to taste, was not your usual Cider. Both the apple and the pear cider were full of unique flavour, although the pear cider truly stood out and converted us to cider lovers.

Napoleone & Co’s pear cider has been hand‐crafted using fruit from the Napoleone family’s Yarra Valley orchards. The combination of Packham’s Triumph and Beurre Bosc pears adds the complexity and balance to deliver a refreshing and distinctive taste. It has a natural sweetness to it and, this might be a bit dangerous…, you don’t taste the alcohol at all.
I forgot to ask if Napoleone’s cider is available at your local bottle shop, but you can certainly order it online from Napoleone & Co.
Hands down, this is the best cider ever. Go ahead and give it a try and tell us how awesome it tastes.

Shockolate Martini – After the Tears Vodka Bar


Don’t judge a drink by its glass…
Admittedly this is a poor picture of probably one of the greatest drinks. But truth to be told, this drink doesn’t make for good photos. It doesn’t even look special or fancy…

The first time we’ve ordered the Shockolate Martini – chocolate vodka and white crème de cacao, stirred through fresh chilli and crushed coffee beans – we were a bit disappointed.
It didn’t look chocolaty at all. But then we smelled the delicious chocolate aroma. The first sip immediately convinces you that this is probably the best drink you’ve ever had so far in your entire life. It is full of chocolaty flavour, with a hint of coffee and after a moment the chilly kicks in and gives the drink a nice punch at the end.
Perfect as a dessert drink after you had some polish/russian tapas at After the Tears, on a beautiful summer night.

 Black Caviar Espresso Martini – Morris Jones


Over the last couple of years, Espresso Martini has become somewhat of Melbourne’s favorite cocktails.

Of course, some bars do it better than others. It really is all about getting the combination right of what vodka brand and what espresso beans are used, to mix this cocktail. And this is more tricky than you might think.
One bar who set the bars very high when it comes to Espresso Martinis, is Morris Jones.
Their Black Caviar Espresso Martini – Premium Belvedere Vodka, Patron Cafe and freshly roasted Allpress coffee, is pure thoroughbred excellence. The gold standard of Espresso Martinis and it truly deserves its place in our Top 5 Drinks for Summer 2014.

Moscato – Rutherglen Estate


Another lovely discovery we made at the The Taste of Melbourne, is Rutherglen Estate’s Moscato
The Muscat grape is the world’s oldest known grape variety, believed to be grown in Europe for over two thousand years and used to make many different styles of wine.
The Rutherglen Estate Moscato is made in the traditional Italian frizzante style, and bottled with a crown seal to retain freshness and fizz. It has lovely grapey sorbet like aromas, with hints of summer berries and rose and a delicately light, yet sweet palate with refreshing lively bubbles and lingering floral fruit flavours. Perfect on a hot summer night after a BBQ with friends and family.
The Moscato is only available online and they’ve told me there are no shipping costs involved.


Ok, this was our suggestion for you to try und test this summer. We are pretty sure you’ll love it. If you know some even better drinks that add to our summer, feel free to suggest them to us in the comment section.

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