Top 5 Running Tracks in Melbourne

Albert Park Running

Albert Park Running

Sometimes is hard to resist and say no that extra serve of yummy food. Believe us, we hear you! (After all would we write this blog if we wouldn’t love food?)
There are times though when we feel “forced” to install Run Keeper on our mobile and lace up our running shoes to shed that extra pound still sitting on our hips from various christmas feasts with friends and family or all the hearty winter warmers who helped us surviving colder days.

In order to help you to spring back into shape, here’s our top 5 list of running tracks in Melbourne:

1 – The Tan

This one is one of our favorite running tracks in Melbourne. Especially during winter. And especially during night. The lights along the track put everything into a warm glow. Combined with the crisp air of a cold winter night or a balmy night during summer, it just adds to those running moments you’ll never forget. It’s shaded for its entire length by beautiful old trees.
The Tan itself is about 4-5k but with all extension you can adjust the length easily to your needs, running along the Old Melbourne Observatory, the Shrine of Remembrance and the Yarra River.

2 – Albert Park Lake

A Melbourne classic. The track along the Albert Park lake is roughly about 5k of dirt routs.
It’s a very easy course with plenty of water station along the way and heaps of swans and birds to watch. Our recommendation is to get there early in the morning when it’s less crowded and the sun is just about to come up.
Pro tip: In the last few days leading to Formula 1 they’re closing the roads along the park for cars to set up the race course. During this time you are able to extend your park running by adding parts of the actual Formula 1 course to your route while cheering yourself to pole position.

3 – Abbotsford Convent

The garden and grounds of the Convent are accessible via pathways. The tracks are mostly bitumen, although some are dirt. The paths wind along the river and it’s always a bit of an adventure as you’ll decide on each corner which direction you should follow next.
In the end it all leads to one goal, shredding those extra few pounds before you’re heading over to the Convent for a well deserved brekkie.

4 – Treasury Gardens with extensions of Fitzroy Gardens and MCG

Use the stairs at Parliament to warm up and then make your way to the Treasury Gardens. It’s one of the easier running tracks in Melbourne but can be extended to fit your runners needs, with the Fitzroy Gardens and a run to the MCG. Depending on your fitness level it can add up from a 3.5k up to about 12k (and more) depending on what routs you include.
The routes are mostly bitumen leading through gardens with soft grass and gentle slopes.

5 – Yarra City Run

A perfect run for those who work in the CBD or Southbank and are keen on running during lunch time. The run along the Yarra can be as short or as long as you want it to be. You’ll pass Southbank, South Wharf, Princess Bridge, Princess Park and even extend it to the MCG and all the way back. There are no limits.
During night times the paths are perfectly lit and there are plenty of water stations along the way.

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