Are we doomed? – Top 5 Post-Apocalypse TV Shows


A little while ago we reviewed the top 5 post-apocalyptic culture books and today it’s time to move on to moving images. Namely tv shows. Let’s get going!

5. Revolution
One day all (I mean all) the power is turned off and can’t be turned back on. The show starts about 15 years later. US have split into six territories and we follow a group of individuals who want to do the common stuff in a post-apocalyptic show: re-unite with their family, fight against a power-hungry (see what I did there?) leader of a republic and more importantly; find out why the power went out and if it can be turned back on again. Don’t get hung up on the acting, because there’s nothing amazing about it, but it’s definitely entertaining.

4. Battlestar Galactica
So, yeah, this series might be a bit dated, the computer animations not particularly good (it’s old, okay!) and the acting not very convincing at times. I mean, the show isn’t even set on earth for goodness’ sake. But there’s just something with it. And when human created robots fight back and essentially eliminate their makers, well that makes for a pretty good post-apocalyptic roller coaster.

3. Survivors
This british BBC drama is probably the most realistic of the lot. A flu virus wipes out most of the world’s population and the few immune survivors gather together to survive. And yes, it’s set in the UK and not in the states and that kind of struck a chord with me. It’s a bit more grey, a bit more realistic and I just love the deserted highways.

2. Falling Skies
Aliens have invaded earth and man has gone into hiding. Well I assume it’s the whole world, but we only get to see a bit of Massachusetts. As expected, the aliens are evil, killing all the grown-ups but taking control of the kids by putting alien worms on their backs. The main character is an old history professor gone militia guy, who’s trying both to fight against the aliens as well as protect his kids. Yes, it’s a bit of sappy american drama going on, but I like it.

1. The Walking Dead
You always knew the zombie apocalypse would make it all the way to the top, right? The zombies have taken over the world and the last few people scramble to survive. It’s not just about avoiding bites from the walkers, it’s about keeping their humanity and a sense of normalcy in their relationship to each other. But ok, I’ll admit to it, there’s always something tempting about watching stuff that’ll scare you senseless every now and then.

Honorable mentions
For you reality show lovers out there, did you know there is a post-apocalyptic reality show? In Colony, 10 volunteers spend 10 weeks in a cordoned off area of Los Angeles, trying to survive on what they find.

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