Top 5 iPhone Apps for Melburnians


This week’s top 5 are all about making your Melburnian life a bit easier and a bit more interesting.
So we’ve put together a list of 5 iPhone* apps, we think that might be helpful to you.

  • Show the Loo


You know that situation: You are out and about and suddenly you feel that urgent need to d-e-s-e-r-a-t-e-l-y find a toilet. Quickly!
Let’s be honest, If you don’t know the area you might have a problem. This is where Show the Loo comes in quite handy.

Show the Loo allows you to find public loo’s, right where and when you need it.
A search option provides handy access to all the loo’s in Melbourne and even all across Australia within your direct proximity.
Detailed information such as opening hours, whether showers or baby-changing facilities are available, accessibility features and much more are provided as well to help you make your choice. Once you have found a suitable loo, the app will give you the detailed route information from within the app.

  • Detour Melbourne Street Art Guide


Street art is now one of Melbourne’s greatest cultural attractions. Yet unlike the cities established galleries and exhibition spaces, there is no front door or information desk, no maps and no descriptions of where to find it.
Detour is a curated guide to Melbourne Street Art that makes some of Melbourne’s most celebrated, well hidden and controversial street art available to everyone.
The App includes an interactive map showcasing important street art of social, cultural or historical significance and a gallery view that lets you browse. An essential feature of the app is the inclusion of curated descriptions for each art work to give you important information about the artist and the artwork you are looking at.
Now, pack your camera and off you go!

  • myMarkets Vic


We’ve mentioned myMarkets Vic before but to give you a brief overview of what this app is all about, let me explain it in a few words.
myMarkets Vic App lets you search for all the Victorian Markets available. And with all we mean all. Crafts markets, flea markets, organic markets… you get the idea. Click here to find out more about the app.

  • Pay24


Well, this app is all about convenience.
With Pay24 you’ll be able to top up your registered and unregistered myki, Eastlink, Citylink and RTA e-toll accounts on the go! Easy peasy.

With one easy to use app, you’ll receive your bills directly to your smartphone and be able to pay them from any of your bank accounts or credit cards wherever you are.  Not only will Pay24 let you know when you have a new bill, it will also remind you when it’s nearing its due date or let you know when your top up account is below the threshold value that you’ve set.

  • ArtsView


ArtsView is a monthly visual guide to Melbourne’s exhibitions.
This app is the easiest way to find the WHAT, WHO, WHEN and WHERE of Melbourne’s art scene.
With over 100 works of art each month, artist profiles & gallery information including contact details and maps

*Neither Stina nor Sandra has an Android device to check availability or performance of these apps. If you are an Android user and you wanna help us, please use the comment section below, to tell us, if any of these apps are available in your Android store as well or if you know of any better alternatives. Thank you!


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