Top 5 Instagramers worth following through Melbourne


Melbourne is an always changing and evolving city. It’s hard to keep track on the new things that happen in and around town.
One way we believe that helps you heaps in keeping up on all things new and exciting is: INSTAGRAM.

Is there a better way to discover a city than through recommendations and photos from others that have already done the deeds for you?! We don’t think so!

In today’s Top 5 list we’re featuring 5 Instagramers from Melbourne, worth following.


CHAPTERANDVERSE is street photography at its best. All photos are taken by a Melbourne girl, wandering the streets of this beautiful city to capture moments of life in Melbourne. Single shots that tell a story, all of them with a location tag so you know where it happened.
Check it out!



Food needs to be captured for IG. Period! The YummyTummy made it to our list as they don’t seem to do anything but eating. And who could blame them. Just browsing through their gallery makes your mouth water and your stomach rumble.
Check it out!



Follow this true coffee connoisseur sipping his way through Melbourne. I bet there is no cafe and no coffee in town he hasn’t tried yet.
Check it out!

Little Miss Muesli


A Melbourne girl who made it her mission to eat her way through all the muesli this city has to offer. All muesli shots come with a detailed description and review. Follow her for cereal pleasure.
Check it out!



Steven Wright is the eye behind this IG account. whether it be a smart phone or a professional camera, he’s always prepared to take the best that come along his way through Melbourne. Browse through his gallery and immerse yourself in what our city has to offer.
Check it out.

I know, it’s a top 5 list, which means we should limit ourselves to 5 IG accounts. But you can’t leave this post without adding our K&F IG account to your watch list.
And if you want to follow Stina and me (Sandra) around through town then add us to your list as well.
Click here for Stinadd and click here for Sandra’s IG account.

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