Top 5 Hot Cross Buns in Melbourne


Photo: Baker D. Chirico Hot Cross Buns

Hot cross buns are emotive. Strong opinions emerge about whether to glaze, include peel or fruit – and whether the best buns are light and airy or dense and doughy. And many are adamant they shouldn’t be baked, or enjoyed, before Good Friday (Tell those people they are ridiculous! *g*)

In the quest of finding the best Hot Cross Buns in town we’ve munched our way through a very serious amount of buns already over the last couple of weeks.

Of course it wouldn’t be a top 5 list if if we would only showcase our recommendations so we went on Facebook to ask the fans of Klaus on Fritz what they think are the best buns in town.

This morning we got up in the wee hours of Monday morning, started the car and made our way to test and try all your recommendation as well (I suppose 3 hours of gym workout each day is in order this week).

Photo: Our HCB test lab

Best Hot Cross Buns in Melbourne:

#1 Woodfrog Bakery – more info here

This one is the underdog but you haven’t tried real Hot Cross Bun if you haven’t tried these lovely little fellas. Spicy, sticky and made out of sourdough that give the buns a delicious firmness and a bit of a softer crunch when you let your teeth sink into the dough. Mhhh yum!
Price: $2.70. Amount of buns we’ve had from here already: uncountable.

#2 Tivoli Road Bakery, 3 Tivoli Road, South Yarra

This my friends is one of those buns who don’t do pretty. They look delicious but their shape and the shape of the cross, not so much. But remember what your mom told you: Don’t judge a book by its cover! This bun was a serious contestant to be #1. It’s simly yum!
Price $3.50

#3 Baker D. Chirico, 149 Fitzroy St, St Kilda + 178 Faraday St, Carlton

The very, very first Hot cross Buns I’ve EVER tried in my life came from Baker D. Chirico. Being German, Hot Cross Buns where totally new to me when I moved to Australia. So how could I not love these ones. But seriously, Baker D. Chirico knows how to make a wonderful sourdough bun with big whacks of orange, ginger, currants, sultanas and a perfect combination of spices.
Price $3.30

#4 Cacao, 52 Fitzroy St, St Kilda

Candied fruit and spices are peppered with single origin chocolate nibs – if the words alone don’t melt in your mouth already just wait until you’ve tried it! It’s not your classic type of Hot Cross Bun I have to admit, but one you shouldn’t miss out on.Price: I can’t remember *g*

#5 Phillipa’s, 1030 High St, Armadale (and many other outlets)

Phillipa’s Hot Cross Buns come in mini and large sizes. The dough is wonderful fluffy yet firm, the perfect balance of fruit and spice scored these  buns a place in our top 5
Price $3.50

Photo: Tivoli Bakery Hot Cross Bun

 Honorable mentions:

Yes, believe it or not the top 5 list only represents what we think are the best hot cross buns but of course we’ve had more. As you suggested we’ve also tried some darn good one’s from:

  • Woolies – especially the Triple Chocolate Hot Cross Buns… but are they actually real Hot cross buns?
  • Aldi – One of our readers voted even for best packaging here!
  • Dench Bakery – You all seem to love Dench Bakery, but that was before you’ve tried our #1, I promise you!
  • Cafe Vue – Fancy cranberry buns
  • Red Beard Bakery – The only one we haven’t tried  it ourselves but the comment of one of our readers made us include these buns ins the list: “It’s in Trentham, but I think they do markets. Best I have EVER had. EVEEERRR”

And now to the odd ones:

On our quest to find the best hot cross buns we’ve stumbled across two… let’s just say alternative versions of a Hot Cross Bun. Of course we’ve had to test it and of course we’ll spill the beans:

First one: The Hot Cross Bun Donut from Tivoli Road Bakery, 3 Tivoli Road, South Yarra


This HCB has nothing to do with a Hot Cross Bun apart from the name. But it is delicious and we surely would eat it again! It’s definitely a contestant for best donut ever!

Second One: Brumby’s Nutella Hot Cross Bun


Ummm, I’m not sure what to tell ya. It’s a bun, yes. It has nothing to do with a classic easter Hot Cross Bun, that’s for sure. There is loads of Nutella in it. I literally mean loads! Did we enjoy it… Sort of. But I think if you have kids, this one might be their favourite. You better don’t let them near Brumby’s then, I guess *g*.
Price $1.50

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