Top 5 Guided Melbourne Tours


Just arrived in Melbourne and not sure where to start? Melburnian but you’ve declared 2014 the year you want to discover your hometown a bit further?
With tours to suit all ages and interests, let the expert guides from Melbourne’s many walking tours show you the highlights.

Chocoholic Tours


Melbourne is the Chocolate Capital of Australia, so why not do something different?
This tour is a sweet tooth guide to must-eat Melbourne. The logic a real chocolate addict would employ: if you are busy walking off all that calories on a chocolate tour, the consumption won’t really count, right!?
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Walk To Arts Tours


Walk to Art is an intimate behind the scenes tour which takes you to street art, art in artist-run initiative spaces and to artists in their studios, all hidden in Melbourne’s unnamed buildings and laneways.
If you are a group looking for a unique activity or an adventurer wanting to see a special side of Melbourne, then join the band of happy strollers!
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Hidden Secret Tours


Hidden Secrets Tours focuses on what makes Melbourne tick.  Since 2004 these original hidden laneway walks have celebrated the quirky stories, café culture, architecture, local design, fashion, history and more. With an informed local perspective discover the city many miss.
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Lantern Ghost Tour


Discover the darker side of Melbourne and surrounds. Walk in the footsteps of notorious Chopper Reed, discover the famous outlaw Ned Kelly’s remains and experience the final moments of Ronald Ryan, the last man to be executed in Australia. This is clearly a tour that educates you about the darker history Melbourne has to offer.
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Foodie Trails


Melbourne being the cultural capital of Australia, the diversity of its people is reflected through the numerous eateries. You’ll find everything from Indian to Italian, Greek to Mexican, Turkish to Asian and everything in between. Foodie Trails give you the opportunity taste the flavours, experience the culture, explore the regions in a three our walking tour.
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