Top 5 Cold Coffees in Melbourne


It’s summer people!
We can’t tell you how much we were waiting for it and the last couple of days have been a good reminder of how beautiful summer days and nights can be.
Let’s face it summer is one of the best seasons ever. Just think BBQ, beach, sun, waves, picnics in the park…. and coffee!

“What, coffee?” – you may think? Of course, we are in Melbourne and coffee is mendatory – even in summer.

How to enjoy coffee in summer

We get it, hot coffee in 40 degree doesn’t trigger your spirits as much as usually and you’d rather opt for something cold and refreshing. We hear you, hence our Top 5 List of Cold Coffees in Melbourne


I remember my mom making delicious iced coffees when I was a kid.

An Affogato is very similar: nearly obscene, but oh-so-subtle pouring of espresso over gelato or ice cream, refreshing and lush, a world of fast-melting contrasts.
The balance of textures is key to the Affogato, and at best you want two elements moving in harmony—the espresso conducting a gentle assault on the ice cream, creating decadent little pockets as it vanishes into the frost.


Where we recommend to try it:
D.O.C. Espresso, 326 Lygon Street, Carlton,
Oak Room, Shop 4, 305 High Street, Ashburton,
Industry Beans, Warehouse 3, Cnr Rose & Fitzroy St, Fitzroy,

Nitro Cold Brew from the tap

Aiming to change Melbourne’s perception of cold brew coffee, the NBHD Neanderthal team have developed their unique flagship product, the “Nitro Cold Brew”.
Blasting cold brew with a N2/CO2 mixture through the lines usually reserved for draught beer, NBHD Neanderthal have reinvented coffee for summer: The result is a delicious nitro brew from the tap. Add a little milk and/or sugar to it just as you would with your regular coffee and you’ll be happily drinking coffee during the heatocalypse. Special tip: According to Stina’s husband Peter, skip the milk and sugar and add some rum to it to make it extra special.

If you don’t believe us and think this is all a scam: watch the video

Nitro Cold Brew Melbourne

Where we recommend to try it:
NBHD Neanderthal, 153 Commercial Rd, South Yarra, Facebook

Pour-Over On Ice

Brewed like a typical pour-over but place ice in the base, and reduce the amount of hot water you use to brew the coffee.
Flavour is not lost when the ice cubes dilute the concentrated brew, and you’re left with a fragrant and refreshing coffee. Perfect for a hot summer day.

One place who does a very fine pour-over on ice is ST. ALi. Read our review about this wonderful place.


Where we recommend to try it:
Dead Man Espresso, 35 Market Street, South Melbourne,
St. ALi South, 12-18 Yarra Pl, South Melbourne, and St. ALi North, 815 Nicholson Street, Carlton North,

Espresso Martini

We’ve expressed our love for this drink already a few times and we#ve even made it one of the Top 5 Drinks for Summer.
There is not much to say about an Espresso Martini, as it is one of the most favourite drinks of Melbourne town. There is only one question: Where do you get the best Espresso Martini in Melbourne? Well, be assured, there is only one place: (scroll down underneath the picture to find out where)


Where we recommend to try it:
Morris Jones, 163 Chapel Street, Windsor,

Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Are you all in for a sweet and strong kinda coffee? If your answer is yes, Vietnamese coffee may be the trick for you this summer.
Brewed in a metal French drip filter and then combined with condensed milk and poured over ice you are in for a real treat with a Vietnamese Iced Coffee.


Where we recommend to try it:
Miss Chu, 297 Exhibition St, Shop 2, Melbourne CBD, Facebook
Rice Paper Scissors, 19 Liverpool Street, Melbourne,

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