Top 10 brunch spots in Melbourne


If we got to choose we’d definitely state that it’s the most important meal of the day and sometimes at night I wish that brunch was every meal every day. Well, I might not have been entirely truthful on that last part, but brunch really is holy to both of us. We will take any opportunity to go out for a breakfast-lunch meal with just about anyone.

But even though Melbourne quite possibly is the brunch capital of the world (based on our own empirical studies), there’s a difference between brunch and brunch. To make it easier for you to find those gems, instead of those ‘meh’ places, we’ve listed our top 10 favourite brunch spots around Melbourne.



This cute cafe is Sandra’s absolute favourite, and I can see why. Cosy and welcoming along with great food – what’s not to love about it? Go for a savoury mushroom breakfast or be completely decadent and order yourself an Apple Crumble Brioche. We highly recommend the latter, it’s amazing!

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141 Chapel St, St Kilda, VIC, 3182
Phone: (03) 9534 4442160


Industry Beans

Avo smash is a regular menu item at every cafe in Melbourne. Most of them are decent, but every now and then you come across a great one. This is one of those avo smashes. The rest of the menu is up to par, the chai utterly delicious. And oh, order the medley of vegetable chips. Be warned: you won’t be able to stop eating it!

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Warehouse 3, Cnr Rose St & Fitzroy St, Fitzroy 3065
Phone: (03) 9417 1034
Website – FacebookTwitterInstagram


Gypsey & Musquito

I’m not a big fan of Richmond but I’ll be happy to go out of my way for food here. Cosy and quaint, super friendly service along with really fresh and delicious food, it checks all my boxes for a great brunch!

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382 Bridge Road, Richmond
Phone: (03) 9939 9314



Located in an old bank (the pantry is in the vault!) this is one gorgeous cafe. Flooded with natural light it offers some fantastic food in this quiet, Clifton Hill setting. True story: After my first visit I started looking for rentals in the area. That’s how good it is.

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270 Queens Parade, Fitzroy North
Phone: (03) 9482 5444


Frank & Ginger

This Caulfield newcomer took us by storm. With fresh light plywood interior to the crammed, but cosy setting, it whips up some great coffee and delicious meals. You might have to wait for a seat, but we don’t care, it’s worth every minute.

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101-103 Orrong Crescent, Caulfield North
Phone: (03) 9527 7232


Top Paddock

If there’s something they know how to do at Top Paddock, it’s how to present food nicely. Sometimes it looks more like a summer meadow than something you’d eat, but go ahead, eat it anyway. It will be utterly delicious. Flavours are crisp and fresh and the menu is ever-changing depending on what’s in season.

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658 Church Street, Richmond, VIC 3121
Phone: (03) 9429 4332


Monk Bodhi Dharma

This is not your regular cafe. It gets an extra star in our book, as all the menu options are vegetarian or vegan. If you’re hungry, opt for The Avo, which is a veritable mountain of smashed deliciousness with all the trimmings. If less hungry: go for whatever, it’s all to die for!

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Rear 202 Carlisle St, Balaclava, 3183, VIC


Manchester Press

Who doesn’t love bagels? Well if you don’t, I beg, go on to the next on the list because we’re about to go all bagelicious on you. Manchester Press has an all-bagel menu with a whole lot of different toppings, one more amazing than the next. From the supersized smashed avo, blackened tofu to the Shakshuka – you’re sure to find one that you’ll adore. Expect to wait 5-10 min for a table.

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8 Rankins Ln, CBD
Phone: (03) 9600 4054


ST. ALi South

Uhm, yum? ST. ALi might be on the pricier side but when you have a taste of their fare you get why it’s so. The South Melbourne location also has an amazing vibe, a short walk from the market and just off the bustling streets. It’s a place where a couple of hours can easily pass by without you noticing.

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12-18 Yarra Pl, South Melbourne VIC 3205 ‎

Hungry yet? I know I am, despite just having eaten lunch. This is what thoughts of brunch will do to you. So stop reading, get off that couch and go for brunch. Bring a friend or, better yet, me!

Do you have a favourite that isn’t listed here? Comment below as we’d love to know which ones are your favourite, and if there’s an amazing place we just might have missed…

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