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When I used to live in Hamburg I always came past this lovely older man, who obviously hadn’t had a warm place to call home. I felt bad for him, especially during the colder days and so I started to ask him if I could get him something from Starbucks as I was on my way there anyways to get myself my morning cuppa.
Most of the days he thanked me but didn’t take me up on my offer but sometimes he did. I’ve always wondered if other people did the same for him. He was obviously relying on people asking him, if they could help him (he never asked people for anything himself).


So when I heard about the Suspended Coffee Society Melbourne I naturally got very excited about it.
To most of us it feels like the most natural thing to buy ourself a cup of coffee when we are on our way to work, meet up with friends or when we just feel like having one. So much actually, that we tend to forget that some people are not necessarily as lucky as we are and can not afford to buy a hot beverage just when they feel like having one.

This is where the Suspended Coffee Society comes in. Suspended coffees are actually pre-paid coffees purchased at participating cafes that enable you to provide a warm cup of coffee to someone who can not afford a warm

“The tradition with the suspended coffees started in Naples, but it has spread all over the world and in some places you can order not only a suspended coffee, but also a sandwich or a whole meal.
On 29th of March 2013 Declan Jacobs & Jett Mahmud were inspired by what they had recently heard from their Italian friends who told them about suspended coffee and set up a Facebook page to let people know about it.  Since then it has gone way past any of their wildest dreams.  The amount of people who have grasped the idea & run with it is totally amazing.

You purchase 2 coffees, 1 for yourself and 1 to be held as a “Suspended Coffee”. Someone who needs the coffee is welcome to come and ask if there are any “Suspended Coffees” available.

Everyone who can’t afford to buy a coffee is entitled to ask for one at the participating cafes – the cafes are not to ask why or for proof that they are in need.

You might think there are so much better ways to help others in need and you might be right about it. But think about of how many times you felt a bit down but then you had a cup of coffee, hot cacao or a tea and suddenly your sad mood brightened up a tiny little bit.

I personally think it is a nice way to show others that there are indeed people out there who care about them, when they are in need.

Find more information about the Suspended Coffee Society and how to get involved on the website, Facebook or on Twitter.

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