The School of Seven Bells


If all meetings were like the ones I have with Stina I’d be happy to leave my desk and interrupt work immediately.
Meetings with her, where we plan upcoming content for K&F, discuss website development, Social Media strategies, upcoming events and stuff, always include coffee (Chai for her), food in any kind of variation depending on the time of day. If we meet up closer to the weekend, those meeting mostly include wine. Sounds perfect, right? Well, there is heaps of fun involved.

Long story short though…
A couple of weeks ago, we both were a bit under the pump and needed to meet up close to both our offices. A quick search on Foursquare and Chapel Street was our solution. To be more precise. We’ve met up in Windsor at “The School of 7 Bells”.


I love the location of The School of 7 Bells. It is directly above the Windsor train station behind the bridge. The ideal location for commuters to get their coffee fix in the morning. And pretty darn coffee fix it is.
I’m not 100% sure but I believe it is part of the Artful Dodger branches. The coffee definitely stands up to its positive reputation.




As for the food. They serve breakfast and lunch options.
Breakfast and lunch is a medley of the usual suspects, as well as the not-so-usual: red velvet pancakes, a breakfast caprice salad and chimichurro roast beef sandwich and carrot remoulade being a few to command attention.

I was impressed with the housemade muesli, served with buttermilk yoghurt and pomegranate seeds, but the size defeated me. Stina went for the smashed avo with heirloom tomatoes and finished it off before I had a chance to have a proper taste. So I guess she truly liked what was on her plate.





So do we recommend the place?
Of course we do! The staff was very friendly, attentive and chatty. The interior cozy and welcoming and they have heaps of space outside with heating!). The School of 7 Bells is definitely a very welcome addition to this part of Chapel Street.

More information:

The School of 7 Bells
33 Chapel St, Windsor, 3181

Phone: (03) 9521 5535
Hours: Mo-Sun 7am – 5pm
Website / Facebook

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