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Photo: Angela Jia Zheng

It’s tennis season. You probably already knew that already from all the Australian Open cars and people with passes around their necks seen all over the city. We’re a bit late on the ball (See that pun?) on this one, but hey, we’ve been busy having some time off plus enjoying this glorious heat. Probably so have you, so we’re counting on you being fashionably late to the court as well.

Australian Open set up shop at Melbourne Park on Monday and will go on all the way to the 26th of January. You see – still plenty time to go see it all.

A great way to see a whole lot of tennis without spending a whole lot of money is to get a Ground Pass ($35) or After 5 Ground Pass ($30). This will give you full day or evening access to a bunch of games on all the smaller courts. You won’t get access to all the high-profile games, but you’ll still see plenty tennis. Regular tickets to individual matches start at $75 going all the way up to $400 for a seat at the final.

On very exciting fact about this tournament is that Australian tennis veteran Pat Rafter has returned to play men’s doubles with Lleyton Hewitt. Apparently this is all the rage, or so my tennis crazy friend tells me.

Like any Melbourne event you can expect plenty of food, drinks and entertainment. So if you get bored with a game, just head on out and have a break and have a glass at a wine bar. There’s a big screen on the grounds as well, allowing you to see the high-profile games even when you don’t have the tickets.

To get there, jump on one of the free shuttle trams that run frequently between the city and Melbourne Park.

Too lazy to get your ass all the way to the actual tennis? No worries, there are options for you lazy bums too. Either head on over to Fed Square, where tennis games are shown every day from 11am, or just sit in the comfort of your own home (possibly underneath the AC) and turn on the telly. It’s as simple as that.

So what are you waiting for? Go enjoy some tennis already!

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