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“I have been given a great opportunity to bring films back to St Kilda. I’ve taken out a short-term lease over the old George Cinema on Fitzroy Street, I’m calling it The George Revival and I need your help.” – Gus Berger

A couple of weeks ago this quote of film producer Gus Berger, became word in the St Kilda community.

Almost 2 years ago the “George Cinema” closed its doors. Since then the building has been sold and it was word that the cinema will be converted into an apartment complex. Despite all odds Gus was able to take out a short-term lease to revive St Kilda’s local cinema and he called it The George Revival.

Gus has negotiated a lease with current owner, Ralph Taranto which takes him up to February 1st 2014 and after that – well who knows, it will be in the hands of the new owners. Hopefully, with the support of the local community, they won’t dare rip the cinema out.

The plan is to screen a really good mix of films over the course of the Thursday to Sunday opening times. Documentaries each Thursday, new releases Friday to Sunday, classic films on 35mm every Sunday, family film matinees and a ‘spotlight’ each week on directors, actors and themes.

They will work with community groups in the area, such as schools and local charities, to provide them with a free cinema to do fund-raising events.
“The cinemas an older generation still call ‘the pictures’ when their memories slip to the surface. The one you went on your first group date, and your mother went on her first date, and your grandmother used to serve popcorn at on a Saturday night to earn a bit of pocket-money.” – Scenestr.

Last week was the opening weekend with the first movie being screened Davel Grohls “Sound City”.

There’s something about walking into an old cinema and Klaus and Fritz were quite excited to go since the last time we went to The George Cinema was in 2008. And let me tell you, Sound City was the perfect fit for the opening night, as the event was also a fundraiser to complete the sound proofing of the courtyard of the local music store Pure Pop Records.




Dave of Pure Pop Records started the night with a great quote, before thanking everyone for coming and the support he and his shop received over the last couple of month.

“A community needs somewhere to go to listen to music and to watch movies. Now that we have that we only need a newsagent.” – Dave of Pure Pop Records

Then the lights went out and the fun began.




It was one of those night you will never forget. A community that sticks together to support local initiatives, great movies, great wine and popcorn. Is there anything more you could ask for?
If you haven’t made your way down to the George Revival Cinema yet, have a look at the upcoming program. We are pretty sure you’ll get as much excited about it as we already are!

Help support the revival via Pozible campaign, the mailing list and the Facebook page.


Opening times:
August 15th 2013 to February 1st 2014 – Every Thursday to Sunday

The George Revival Cinema
135 Fitzroy St
St Kilda VIC 3182


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