The Burger Book – Victoria’s Best Burgers


All you burger lovers out there, listen up!


You have to be a true burger connoisseur to test all the burgers in Victoria. A task we (Stina and me) never could accomplish.
There are peeps out there though who, despite the huge effort it takes, have managed to handle the almost impossible.

The team behind “The Burger Book- Victoria’s Best Burgers” has searched through pub and parlour, trekked from cafe to corner store, roamed from restaurant to bar in order to compile a book about the best burgers Victoria has to offer.


This book is your guide to the humble hamburger in all its forms – from the burger by the bay, to the pre-football fix, the hangover cure – all celebrating the ultimate meal using five food groups, including carbohydrate, meat, dairy and greens.

You can order the 270 pages burger goodness right here.

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  • Jeremy says:

    Hi – we have an office debate here, a lot of money on the line. We consider you to be an important burger authority.

    Should you always leave the stick (flag) in a burger before eating it? Is there any scenario in which you would want to take the stick out?

    Thanks for the help.

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