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Lately I’ve had a whole lot of burgers. But seriously, who doesn’t love burgers? It’s like the perfect combination of food. Carbs and proteins in a delicious mix. It’s the perfect food for a hangover, or for a Friday night, or a Tuesday, or really, whatever time and day of the week.

Anyhow. After a tip from a friend a Klaus and Fritz headed to Richmond to have some burgers one cloudy Sunday, much like today. The Beer and Burger Bar is a fancy looking place – especially for a burger joint. The half painted brick walls, the long long long bar counter. My favourite part though? The completely open kitchen. I always like to see how my food is prepared. Because in the end food is a craftsmanship and I think I don’t really appreciate it. When I see it done live – well, I can’t really refuse it anymore.


Before we start talking foods, lets talk beers. You probably figured already from the name that this place doesn’t just offer up some fancy burgers, they have plenty of beers as well. All in all there are over 40 beers available, and the tap beers change regularly. So regardless of your taste – you’re certain to find at least one to match your preference of the day.


So, what about food then? Locally sourced ingredients, prepped with a whole lot of love? It can’t be anything less than delicious. The options are a bit more complex than your corner burger bar, and I appreciate them for it. It might be a bit out of your comfort zone (but not that far), but hey, a little bit of originality have never hurt anyone.

And don’t get me started on the fries. Oh my. Crisp on the outside, soft on the inside and perfectly salty. Can you really ask for more? I don’t think so at least.


The Beer and Burger Bar
112 Swan St, Richmond VIC 3121
(03) 9429 5934
Website – FacebookTwitter

Opening Hours
Mon – Wed / 11am – 10pm
Thur – Sun / 11am – 11pm

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