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I’m a sucker for dumplings. But honestly, who isn’t? If you happen to be one of those rare persons who simply don’t want anything doughy and delicious to chew on, stop reading right now and go somewhere else! Oh, y’all still here? Well then let’s get to it.

This newly opened gem of a place is all about dumplings. Oh yeah, the name is a total give away. We headed on over here with a few friends to sample the food.

First out – wow this place is popular. Make sure you’re here early or book a table. It was all kinds of crowded when we were there. Sure it’s a bit of an effort, but I kind of like it that way. It tells me a) so many people can’t be there for nothing and b) it’ll be nicely chatty. Yeah, I like my restaurants chatty, they get so much more pleasant to be in. Don’t ask me why, I have no idea.


Anyhow. I think you’re more interested in things that can be ingested, eh? We wanted to sample as much as we could off the menu, so we ordered a bunch of small servings, sipped on our beer and wine and then waited.

Service is fast. You’ll get your dumplings way faster than I anticipated, which was all kinds of great as I was well on the way to go hangry (you know when you get angry just because you’re hungry? It’s okay, we all get that). The dumplings themselves where fresh and tasty, the sashimi moan-worthy (at least that’s was the reaction of the fish eater in our little group) and the edamames are divine.

But despite that, they weren’t the highlight of the night. Dessert Dumplings. Need I say more? There are three kinds and we ordered all of them. Our favourite? The chocolate filled dumplings with raspberry sorbet. The sorbet itself is probably the best darn sorbet I’ve ever had, but paired with freshly fried dumplings filled with soft, runny chocolate, it’s decadent and absolute amazing. My mouth is watering just thinking of these little rascals.

Do try the other one’s though, especially the lemon tart mochi with salted almonds. Sweet, but not too sweet with a refreshing flavour.


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  • 1402_CharlieDumpling-21 1402_CharlieDumpling-21
  • 1402_CharlieDumpling-22 1402_CharlieDumpling-22

Charlie Dumpling
184 High Street, Prahran
03 9510 4213

Opening Hours
Mondays / 6pm – late
Tuesdays – Sundays / 12pm – late

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