Swedish Pizza in Templestowe




I’ll be honest with you, I’m tired today. It’s Sunday after all. If I had a car (and a license) I’d drive to Templestowe to enjoy some fabulous Swedish pizza. Yes, before we go forward, there is such a thing as Swedish pizza. The difference? Thinner crust and more canned ingredients. Fresh isn’t always better than canned, trust me on that. Also, there is pizza salad which is cabbage doused in vinegar. It doesn’t sound all that good, but I promise you, it is. And having “salad” to pizza always makes you feel so healthy, doesn’t it?  



When we went there we ordered a pizza each. Hey, we were hungry and in the mood for different things. The pizza sizes are quite a bit bigger than your ordinary Aussie pizza (true to the Swedish heritage, where the motto of the pizza makers must be ‘the bigger the better’) and none of us could finish more than half.

This might be the perfect munching stop on the way back from a weekend outing in the Yarra Valley. Specifically if you are, like me, a bit ‘tired. Just saying.



Bring the leftovers with you home and munch on later in the evening when no one else can see you.

Swedish Pizza
131 James street, Templestowe, VIC 3106

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