Swedish Dining at duNord


Sweden isn’t renowned for its food. I should know, I am Swedish after all. So when I happened to pass by duNord, a bar/restaurant specialising in Swedish food and drinks, I just knew I had to give it a go. So, on a Monday evening I dragged my equally Swedish husband along and headed over there.

The place isn’t in your face and my first impression wasn’t “HEY I’M HOME!”. But we Swedes (yes I’m stereotyping like crazy right now, so sue me!) tend to like it kind of toned down. And duNord’s interior suites the theme perfectly. The place has a definitive Scandinavian feel to it. The place is spacious and airy and the colour palette is all around light – just the way we Scandies love it. 


The menus are super cute. The logo on the menu has been heavily influenced by one of the biggest Swedish newspapers, and I spent more times admiring the menu design than figuring out what I was going to have. Which meant that when it was time to order I had no idea what to get. Well no worries. The staff at duNord is super sweet and incredibly helpful and quickly made us both laugh and order something that we got a wee bit excited about.

With a well stocked bar, there’s something for every palette. We opted to go down the Swedish path (duh) and ordered a couple of beers, one of which we’ve never seen before. If you’re in a beer mood, do order the ‘Holy cow’ beer, it was absolutely delicious. The Pistonhead is good too and left my hubby with an aftertaste of youthful drinking escapades.



I don’t think I have ever seen such a big cheese platter. Seriously, it was huge. For it’s $22 it was more than worth it’s value. The cheeses all have some kind of Scandinavian connection and were, as they should, creamy and scrumptious. The platter comes with lingonberry jam, which for a native Swede is a bit odd. We’re quite strict about what we match lingonberry jam with (normally with oatmeal or  meatballs), so seeing it with cheese made us a bit surprised. Well, the surprise was on us because the combo of cheese and jam was totally delicious.

If you’re daring enough, add some pickled herring to match your cheeses. Actually, you don’t have to be that daring. Pickled herring has an unfortunate reputation and it does deserve way better. Try it, already!


But what gets me most excited about this place isn’t the food, the drinks or even the herring. It’s the fact that duNord has taken it upon themselves to bring the fabulous concept of “Lill-lördag” (Small Saturday) to Melbourne. Small Saturdays, you say? Give me a minute and I’ll tell you.

In Sweden Wednesdays are sometimes referred to Small Saturday. It’s the mid-week day to go out partying. I so like the concept of weekendising a regular Wednesday and making something more out of it. To honour this great Swedish tradition, duNord hosts Small Saturdays every Wednesday. Their celebration includes cocktails and Swedish street food along with some nice 60’s and 70’s soul, funk and old school hip hop. Yay them!

367 Little Bourke St  Melbourne VIC 3000
(03) 9642 0052


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