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My oh my people, we’ve got ourselves a new favourite. Since our visit yesterday we’re trying to come up with schemes and plans that include us moving in next door. Or well, we could just drag a bed and a desk into the corner of Stagger Lee’s and I can live there too. I’m not very picky, to be honest.

But I digress.

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Stagger Lee’s is a fairly new cafe to the Brunswick street scene. With its gritty brick walls and wood panelled walls, it fits perfectly in with the surroundings. Walk through that glass door (pull, not push to get in, I’ve seen people fail), grab a seat somewhere in the cosy interior and start getting excited for some of the greatest breakfast food we’ve chewed down lately.

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Oh! Before we talk food we’ve got to talk coffee. Because this place, as many in Melbourne, take their coffee seriously. Like seriously. With Proud Mary beans, one specific coffee scale, you’re sure to get one mean coffee. They even have a separate coffee menu (see further down) for their pour over blends, and dang, do they sound good. Sandra, as a coffee drinker, vouched for the coffee taste. Me? Well I still haven’t left the comfy chai latte world, but you know what? I don’t care, that was tasty too!

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But the most important part of Stagger Lee’s is food. If you follow our blog you know that we’re big brunch fanatics. We both agree that brunch is the most important meal of the day and every day is a brunch day. For real. We take our brunches seriously. That paired with being two freelancers means that we try brunch at a whole lot of places. So, trust our brunch knowledge when we say that this is one of the best brunches we’ve had in a long time. Like seriously great. One visit and it’s already on my internal top 3 list of to-go brunch places, and that’s not an easy feat.

So what did we have? Me, I have serious mushroom addiction, and went for the Shrooms ‘n’ Truffles, which comes with pan roasted local pine mushrooms, truffled polenta, a poached egg, cheese and some toast slices. It was the food equivalent of coming into a heated cottage with hot food after a long day in the cold, rainy fields. Okay, that is a really bad metaphor, but it was just delightful.

Sandra opted for something less hearty and more fresh. The Fitz-Royale came out with grilled asparagus and cashew cheese with a whole load of greens on it, where the likes of avocado, fresh herbs and pea tendrils shared bread space. She went all in and added a poached egg and some char grilled tomatoes as well and om nom nom did she love it.

There was one thing on the menu that drew our attention but we didn’t order. We’ll save that for the next time because yesterday simply wasn’t a day of sweet breakfast. But listen to the name. Coco Pop and Salted Caramel French Toast, served with vanilla ice cream, honeycomb and raspberry crumb. Seriously, my mouth is watering actually writing this. And if it’s anywhere close to the dishes we tried, it’s sure to be a home run.


All in all – we love this place. It’s a great addition to the cafe scene in Fitzroy, with delicious drinks and food that really stands out in this city filled with great food.



Stagger Lee’s
276 Brunswick St, Fitzroy
(03) 9419 5564

Opening Hours
Mon – Fri / 7am – 4pm
Sat – Sun / 8am – 4pm

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