Stadium Stomp Australia 2014



Are you ready to tackle Australia’s largest consecutive stair climbing challenge?

Stadium Stomp is not a competition or a race and most certainly not a walk in the park, but a personal test of stamina and concentration.
Entrants of the Stadium Stomp get the unique opportunity to take on the 7,343 steps on the top and bottom seating levels of the MCG and raise money for a nominated charity at the same time.

The MCG is one of the largest stadiums on the planet boasting a seating capacity of 100,024. That’s a lot of seats which also means a lot of stairs.

The ultimate step climbing challenge

The half course is a complete circuit of the MCG’s Level 1 seating bowl, walking up or down every flight of stairs between the seats on that level and back to the start. It’s approximately 1,890 steps and will take around 20 minutes to complete.

The full course then takes entrants up to Level 4 to complete a second circuit of the MCG, which is approximately 7,343 steps and will take anywhere from 45 minutes to more than two hours to complete, depending on fitness levels.

There’s still plenty of time to train for this year’s Stadium Stomp at the MCG. Sign up now and set yourself the challenge of up to 7,343 steps

When: 06.07.2014
Where: Well, if it wasn’t obvious enough for you… It’s at the MCG

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