Pricey but oh so pleasant – St. ALi South


St. Ali South is nestled on a back street not far from South Melbourne market. Klaus/Sandra was taking me there and as she was saying “We’re here now!” I thought she might either be losing her mind or be completely lost. Because spotting St. Ali requires either a keen eye, or knowledge of where it is.  1307StAli-4
There is a reason why St. Ali’s doesn’t need a sign. Once you’ve found the place, you’re going to want to come back and you’ll surely remember where it is.

Inside there’s ample room for quite a bit of people. It’s a warehouse conversion and has the real gritty and industrial feel to it that seems to popular right now. And I get it, it’s looking cool.
The food is on the expensive side, even for being in Melbourne. For us it’s totally worth those few extra dollars because the food is simply great. Try the corn fritters, they’re to die for.

Our coffee and chai latte was nice and even, but nothing out of the extraordinary. And as the proper trendy place, you have to pour your chai latte yourself, which I for some reason makes me a bit giddy and excited. I know, I’m easily excited like that.
1307StAli-9 1307StAli-2
You see that big garage opening at the back? In the summer time they pull it up and open up the space to some nice fresh air and adding a bit of extra air to the spacious feel.  1307StAli-31307StAli-7 1307StAli-81307StAli-10 1307StAli-11All in all – we like St. Alis. Though it might not fit our budget every week, we’ll still come back every now and then to enjoy the corn fritters. You should try it too!

St. Ali South
12-18 Yarra Pl, South Melbourne VIC 3205 ‎

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