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“I’ll have the lemonade cocktail”, I said to the cute guy behind the bar at Joes Bar and Dining Hall and expected to get a sweetish, zesty kinda cocktail that tastes like summer.
What I then tried was nothing alike. It was fruity but with a spicy punch in the end that gave my taste buds a real wake up kick.

Wooow! How did they manage to make my drink so spicy?

Melbourne Hot Sauce does the magic

I soon found out that they used Habanero & Mango – “Melbourne Hot Sauce” to spice up my Hurricane cocktail. They’ve proudly showed me the little bottle and encouraged me to test it (this time without the cocktail). I have to say I’m crazy for hot and spicy food and the Habanero & Mango Sauce smelled and tasted incredibly delicious. Spicy, yes. But not overpowering.

The best part about it, they don’t just use and sell the hot sauce, their chef Richard Nelson is the mastermind and business owner behind the spicy magic called Melbourne Hot Sauce.

Richard, has 16 years experience as a chef specialising in Mexican, Cajun, Creole, Caribbean & Latin American cuisine and with 5 years of chilli sauce production experience this venture has been a long time coming.

All the products are hand-made by chef Richard based with the best quality ingredients and equipment. All the products are 100% natural with no preservatives additives fillers or any other nasty crap.
Most of the fresh product is sourced in Victoria, NSW and Queensland with some imported ingredients. Some of their ingredients are even grown in the home of Melbourne Hot Sauce, in St Kilda.

Even though MHS is specialised in a vast variety of chilli sauces, they also have quite a large range of other chilli products available including jam, chutney, pesto, oils, rubs, spice mixes, salsa and pastes.

Wanna find out more? Nothing easier than that:

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