If you’re looking for a cute place, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Whoever was responsible for Sonido’s interior design: good job! Walk over the threshold and you’re met by a cosy room, crammed with chairs and tables and things. There are things everywhere, and it’s awesome.

Sonido’s menu is teeming with South American food, something I hadn’t thought much about before stepping in here (I’m sorry all the countries and people of South America, there’s just not many restaurants offering your food in Stockholm), and now I feel like I’ve missed out all those years. When I get to pick (and I always get to pick), I go for an arepa. Arepas are a very typical food from the northern part of South America. Imagine a bread like bottom (hello maiz, we love you) topped with some amazing stuff. In my case, you’ll see me chewing on a Frijoles con feta arepa, which has black beans and feta stacked on tom, sided by some guacamole and picadillo. Totally delicious! If I could, I’d eat this every day. I’m thinking breakfast, lunch and dinner. I just hope the husband is as excited about this idea as I am…

We also whole heartedly suggest you get yourself a fruit juice with your meal. Sonido stocks a whole bunch of natural juices made out of South American fruits, most of which I’m guessing you’ve never heard about before. I sure hadn’t. Anyway, who needs to know them to drink them? Our pick of the litter is the Lulo one, which is refreshing and utterly delicious.

Did we mention that it’s utterly cheap as well? An arepa will only set you back $12, which for a Melbourne cafe feels like pocket-money. You won’t hear me complaining though, especially since I’m now going to eat here three times a day…

69 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy VIC 3065
0404 621 946

Opening hours
Mon – Wed / 8am – 4pm
Thu – Fri / 8am – 10pm
Sat / 9am – 10pm
Sun / 10am – 4pm

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