Snag Stand – The Home of Haute Dogs for Carnivores and Veggies


Let’s talk about sausages!

Being German I can get a bit picky when it comes to a good BBQed sausage. And to be frank, I was never really impressed with the ones I was able to get here in Melbourne. I have to admit the Bratwurst from the Vic Market is pretty close to what you would get in Germany though.
And now that I’m a vegetarian, finding a good veggie sausage seemed to be almost impossible.

Until I came across the Snag Stand in Melbourne’s CBD.


I love how the shop is right on the Cnr La Trobe & Swanston St, with stools and tables. It looks very engaging and does reflect on its theme.
Great menu options include the Spicy Spanish Chorizo grilled with semi sundried tomatoes, chipotle aoli, baby rocket and shredded Spanish goat’s cheese on a brioche roll.

The American Classic is reasonably priced at under $7 featuring wood smoked Frankfurter with American yellow mustard, tomato sauce, onions and sweet relish on a toasted brioche roll.
Snag Stand is a bit overpriced in my opinion but it markets themselves as very gourmet – the home of heavenly haute dogs. Small batch production, artisanal hand crafted sausages, lean low-fat meats, all natural casings, gluten-free, and no artificial colours or flavours. And the simplicity that goes into the branding and packaging with emphasis on typography… all that (and of course the fact they had veggie sausages) won me over and I had to try it.



The menu offers a lot to choose from and they mix it up with different kind of sausages, sauces and rolls.
If you want to make your own haute dog, just choose the bun you want, the sausage and the toppings and you’re ready to roll.






As a vegetarian I can’t express how much I enjoyed the veggie chorizo. It was probably the best sausage I had in a very long, long time. And yes, even better than the ones at Massive Wieners in Chapel St, Prahran.

My carnivore companion oh’ed and um’ed and ah’ed over “Das Bratwurst” and told me, that this is the best sausage he ever had in Melbourne since he came here 10 years ago. And him being German as well, that really is a big praise for Snag Stand’s sausages. Every mouthful had a good blend of texture and flavour. And it’s not just about the hot dogs. The fries are to die for.

Snag Stand unfortunately has only 2 Location in the Melbourne area yet (one is in the CBD as before mentioned and the other one is at the Westfield Doncaster) but we are sure they will open up a storm of shops to cater our cravings for a good hot dog.


Find more information on the Snag Stand website or on Facebook.



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