Sightseeing in Vienna


While Stina is enjoying the first signs of spring in Melbourne, I (Sandra) flew to Europe a couple of days ago, to speak at a conference in Vienna.
I was so excited about this trip that I was day dreaming for weeks beforehand about it.

It was my second time in Vienna and since I’ve already seen all the tourist hotspots I could slow down and stroll through the streets and discover my surroundings.

One thing I found particular helpful was the tram and U-Bahn system. Believe me, if we had such an efficient working PT system like the one in Vienna, we wouldn’t complain about PT in Melbourne anymore. Get yourself a day pass and make yourself familiar with the easy to learn network and you will get everywhere you want in no time.

You’ll get a more detailed review about my trip to Vienna soon but for now feel free to enjoy some first impressions of this wonderful city:

Vienna-sightseeing-1 Vienna-sightseeing-2 Vienna-sightseeing-3 Vienna-sightseeing-4 Vienna-sightseeing-5 Vienna-sightseeing-6 Vienna-sightseeing-7 Vienna-sightseeing-8 Vienna-sightseeing-9 Vienna-sightseeing-10 Vienna-sightseeing-11 Vienna-sightseeing-12 Vienna-sightseeing-14 Vienna-sightseeing15



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