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When we stumbled on to Shelley Panton a few months ago (after a full brekkie of hotcakes at Hobba) we fell instantly in love. It’s a rare thing walking into a store and loving every single piece you see there. But this one ticked all our boxes. Since then we’ve gone back more than once and every time we seem to find more beautiful, interesting and fun items. If we could we’d probably buy up the whole store. Or hey, we could just move into it, but we doubt that Shelley would allow that.


But the store didn’t start out where it is today. Five years ago, in a back street of Middle Park, Shelley Panton found a cute old butcher’s shop and dwelling. In need of something to do, she started displaying and offering her handmade pottery from the storefront, and before she knew it, it took off. Soon it wasn’t just pottery in the shop, but textiles, wool items, photographs and other beautifully crafted items from local artisans.


About a year ago the Middlepark shop was bursting at the seams, and it moved to its current location on 440 Malvern Road, and she still offers the pottery that started it all. There’s two lines; the Table Series, which is pressed clay made right here in Melbourne just for Shelley, as well as the Studio Series, where Shelley makes every single piece by hand.


But there’s so much more than pottery.The selection in the store is amazing. Hey, let’s call it curated, because that’s exactly what it feels like. Shelley only stocks items she truly loves, and based on the amazing pieces you can find here, she’s got impeccable taste. At least if you ask us.

Shelley-Panton-9 Shelley-Panton-5

From gorgeous throw pillows to the most amazing copper wire baskets (we’re both in love) to toys that actually look great to glassware, linens, candles and wooden frames, you can find pretty much anything you’d need. And if you didn’t need anything specific before walking in, we can assure you that won’t be the case when you walk out. Best part of it all – the prices are all really reasonable and you won’t get ruined in the process.


Although if you’re anything like us, there is a high chance that you’d want to buy up pretty much the whole store. Well, who needed that savings account anyway? As long as my house looks this good!

Shelley Panton
440 Malvern Road, Prahran
03 9533 9003

Opening Hours
Everyday 10am – 5.30pm

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