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Sails on the Bay is a restaurant which exudes class and refinement. Sitting right on the beach and decorated with sails hanging from the ceiling and candlelit tables, we were immediately struck by how romantic the whole place was. It’s a perfect date spot, complete with smooth jazz and a clear view of the bay, though we couldn’t see much at night. This feeling of refinement also extended to the staff, as we were warmly welcomed and shown to our table, right on the huge window facing the beach.

Not ones to waste time, we immediately ordered some craft beers off the comprehensive beer list and got to ordering. Having recently celebrated its 20th anniversary, the restaurant was offering a retrospective menu, featuring popular dishes from its entire lifespan. Reading over the menu, we were faced with the best of problems; too many good things to choose from! The dishes would probably fit best into the “Modern Australian” food category, with a heavy seafood bent. It was a great menu, and we ordered a LOT.


What followed would best be described as three hours of giddy joy, as Juan and I were presented with dish after dish of perfectly cooked food. As we sat at our table, devouring our plates, watching beach joggers go by and drinking excellent beers, we reached a state of giddiness. We were food high! Everything was just great, but the highlights were definitely the Spiced nuts crumble with goat curd and pumpkin cream, Sumac & garlic roasted lamb belly with hummus, Spice seared yellow fin tuna (rare), smoked potatoes, cherry tomato, egg yolk confit, bean & olive salsa and the Herb & honey roasted quail, braised barley, parsley puree, quail essence.

Sails-on-the-Bay-Pickled-Vegetable-Quinoa-Salad Sails-on-the-Bay-Duck-Breast

To finish, we accidentally on purpose ordered the Assiette of dessert. We weren’t really sure what Assiette meant, but evidently it means all the desserts, because that’s what we got, and they were amazing. Highlights were the Sails on the Bay lamington and the Saffron poached pear galette with Poire William anise sorbet.

As we dragged our full bellies home, still feeling the giddiness of a great fine dining experience, we agreed that this place was the perfect date or special occasion spot. We will definitely be coming back!

Highlights reel of food high notes:

  • “I could live in this dish”
  • “I want to put this in all my parts”
  • “This duck is good and honest. Mysterious yet playful. I trust it”

Sails on the Bay
15 Beach Ave, Elwood VIC 3184
(03) 9525 6933

Opening Hours
Monday / Closed
Tuesday – Saturday / 12pm – 5pm, 6pm – Late

We got some help for this post. As Sails on the Bay has a whole lot of meat on offer, we dragged in two trusted friends who dined, photographed (and then subsequently lost the memory cards with all the pictures…) and wrote this piece. 

Please note that Klaus and Fritz dined as guests of Sails on the Bay, but all opinions expressed in this article are our own.

Photos courtesy of Sails on the Bay. 

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