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In the east end of CBD, in a spot that previously was quite, well, quiet, there’s now a corner covered in fake grass with trees wrapped up in fairly lights. Well, to be honest, there’s a lot more than that. It’s our new go-to place for street style dining when in the CBD. Because at the heart of the whole operation you find three of Melbourne’s best-known culinary institutions, all packaged and presented in pretty looking stationary food trucks.


This means that all y’all foodies out there can meet up in one spot, and sample food from three great alternatives. How about Jimmy Grants Greek food (we suggest getting some of those gosh-darn-amazing fries with feta), or some Japanese or Korean barbeque flavours (how about a 16 hour smoked brisket?) from Kong? Top it all off with some delicious coffee and award winning cafe grub from St Ali. Huddled next to each other, it’s easy to pick your favourites from the lot.


While eat, lean back and admire Australia’s largest street artwork, L’inconnue de la rue, meaning Unknown girl in the street. With it’s impressive height of 35 metres it spans over eight stories you really won’t miss it. At night lean back and check out digital light installations from new media artist, Joel Zika.


Rue & Co is a semi-permanent fixture. It opened in May and is planned to be open until the beginning of the build of a new 39-storey building, set to happen in the next 4 – 7 months. So visit it while you can!


Rue & Co 
80 Collins Street, Melbourne

Opening Hours 
Mon – Wed / 11am – 7pm
Thur – Fri / 11am – 9pm

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