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The weekend is almost here and a look at the weather report shows that it will be dry and just partly cloudy. For me that adds up to a perfect combination for a weekend outing. One our favourite places to visit for a quick weekend getaway is Daylesford (Check out our top 5 favourite things to do there). Every time we go there we have one mandatory stop, on the way there or back – the RedBeard Historic Bakery.

RedBeard lies in the middle of the little town of Trentham. It’s not much of a town to be honest, with one high street and a population of just over 600. But what it lacks in size, it makes up for in bread, just the way we like it.


RedBeard isn’t any regular old cafe. They are a highly specialised sourdough bakery. They use old methods and their sourdough starter culture is 25 years old. That’s quite a respectable age for a sourdough, especially here in Australia.



Based on that piece of information, you can easily deduce that bread is the highlight of this visit. And boy it is. Walk in and stop for a second to gaze at, what I like to call it, the wall of bread. Loaf upon loaf of different sourdough breads, and a smell to make you go a bit gaga for bread. It’s on the level that when you leave, you’ll wish you could survive eating only bread. So yeah, we might be a bit crazy for bread, but who isn’t? And if you’re not, why are you reading this anyway, huh?

Red-Beard-Trentham-Food Red-Beard-Trentham-13

But Red Beard is more than just a bakery where you head to in order to get a whole bunch of bread. It’s well worth a stop for a cup of great tasting coffee. If you’re hungry, do order something from their bread-heavy cafe menu. All the food is made on the premises using local, seasonal and organic ingredients wherever possible. Make sure you head there on time though – the last couple of times we’ve arrived after 3pm, when the kitchen closes, which meant that we had to make do with less exciting food. Still filling, but hey – you always want the proper stuff, eh?

All in all, it’s like a quiet, bread and coffee oasis, in the middle of that car trip to or back from Daylesford. And we need those bread breaks, don’t we?

RedBeard Historic Bakery
38A High Street, Trentham, Victoria, Opposite Trentham’s town square, follow the laneway off High St to the red ‘Bakery’ bollards. 
03 5424 1002
Website – Facebook

Opening Hours
Daily / 8am – 5pm

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