QV Tropical Retreat


QV-Tropical-RetreatPhoto credit: theurbanlist.com and the-plus-ones.com

Resembling an island-style beach resort, the QV Tropical Retreat will be a relaxing, warming refuge from the cold right in the heart of the CBD.

As you’ll approach the tropical bure (wood and straw hut), you will be welcomed by towering palms and a tiki thatched roofline with lush green foliage. Stepping into the retreat, you will be transported to a tropical oasis by the thick scent of coconut, the warm and humid temperature.

Complete with hanging vines, a mini island, bright tropical florals and even a sandy beach, you can escape the winter blues and unwind beneath the tropical canopy in a hammock, or sip refreshing juice mocktails with friends amongst verdant tropical flower displays.

Each day will bring new a new activity to the space to keep you entertained:

On weekends, the QV Tropical Retreat plays host to a number of exotic animals, including a special appearance by ABC TV’s Wild Action warrior Chris Humfreys. Expert CBD florists, Flower Temple will hold tropical terrarium classes each Wednesday where participants can take a little piece of the tropics home.
The site will also host an array of resort style activities such as cocktail classes from Red Spice Road, fruit carving, yoga, hula competitions and free manicures.

To view the full schedule click here.

Free lunches from QV’s food retailers will be given away each weekday (First come, first served)

More information on http://qv.com.au/
04/06/2014 to 27/06/2014
QV Melbourne
278 Swanston Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

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