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I recently attended a conference over in Surfers Paradise and as I was already a bit fed up with the cold-ish weather in Melbourne I’ve decided to extend my stay in Surfers and soak up some sun.

So off I flew to the Gold Coast (…and Stina hated me for doing so!).

Admittedly Surfers Paradise is not exactly a place I usually choose for a vacation. There are (in my opinion) far better places in Australia to discover and enjoy.

My conference was held in the QT Hotel Gold Coast and from Instagram I already knew that the people of the QT paid a lot of work and consideration into the interior design of the hotel. Yes, of course I’ve booked a room there.



I’ve been to many hotels in Australia – while there are some good to great hotels, there are very few that make such an impression that you would return to the hotel, regardless of the destination. QT Resort and Spa at the Gold Coast is the first of these I’ve encountered in a very, very long time.

From the lemonade stand in the foyer to the design that walks the fine line between quirky nostalgic surfer chic and luxury Miami catwalk cool without losing the plot. This is the first hotel in a long time that has made me want to stay longer.




Where else do you find a Nespresso coffee machine in your room (and we all know that is a life saver for Melbournians, considering how aweful most of the coffee is, you get up at the Gold Coast … and yes I’m a bit judgemental here).

The bed was like heaven, I felt like sleeping in a cloud and with the stunning view of a room up in the 17th floor it added up to the experience.

The bathrobes looked like they were made for a Rocky movie, the Stingray bar had excellent cocktails and even the food at the hotel was wonderful.





The beach is just a 2 min stroll away from the hotel and if you don’t feel like swimming, why not rent one of the QT vintage bikes …for free. I’ve told you, this is a stunner of a hotel.


There are so many things that excited me about the hotel but no words will ever describe how much I enjoyed my stay.

So I recommend, next time you’ll fly up to the Gold Coast, book a room at the QT and enjoy it yourself. And don’t forget to say “Hi” from me to the barkeeper who clearly is still a bit confused by my order of Tacete beer with sea salt, lime and tabasco.

More images are in our gallery:

  • room-number-QT-Gold-Coast room-number-QT-Gold-Coast
  • Snacks-at-QT-Hotel-Gold-Coast Snacks-at-QT-Hotel-Gold-Coast
  • Bazaar-Restaurant-QT-Gold-Coast Bazaar-Restaurant-QT-Gold-Coast
  • Breakfast-area-QT-Gold-Coast-Hotel Breakfast-area-QT-Gold-Coast-Hotel
  • Breakfast-QT-Gold-Coast Breakfast-QT-Gold-Coast
  • View-from-QT-Room View-from-QT-Room
  • candles-and-glasses-QT-Hotel candles-and-glasses-QT-Hotel
  • Queen-size-bed-QT-Hotel Queen-size-bed-QT-Hotel
  • vintage-bike-hire-QT-Surfers-Paradise vintage-bike-hire-QT-Surfers-Paradise
  • bathroom-QT-Hotel bathroom-QT-Hotel
  • Info-Board-QT-Hotel Info-Board-QT-Hotel
  • Soda-station-QT-Hotel Soda-station-QT-Hotel
  • foyer-QT-Surfers foyer-QT-Surfers
  • QT-Lounge-area QT-Lounge-area
  • stingray-bar-QT-Hotel stingray-bar-QT-Hotel
  • Breakfast Breakfast
  • breakfast QT Gold Coast Fancy breakfast QT Gold Coast Fancy
  • stingray-bar-Surfers-Paradise stingray-bar-Surfers-Paradise
  • Dining-QT-Hotel-Gold-Coast Dining-QT-Hotel-Gold-Coast
  • bike-hire-QT-Surfers-Paradise bike-hire-QT-Surfers-Paradise



More Information and even more images are on the QT Hotel Gold Coast website, facebook or on Pinterest

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